Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS

Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS

Ilsa is a warden at a Nazi death camp that conducts experiments on prisoners. Ilsa's goal is to prove that woman can withstand more pain and suffering than men and should be allowed to fight on the front lines

Ilsa is an evil Nazi warden at a death camp that conducts "medical experiments". Ilsa's goal is to prove that women can withstand more pain and suffering than men and therefore should be ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS torrent reviews

mummy m (jp) wrote: Slow....weak storyline....boring boring boring......Man is dying...his mates take him to coast and do some camping. couldnt wait for it to end. so predictable.

Bob B (de) wrote: Good performance by Cuba.

chris b (de) wrote: this movie was scary it was awesome

TTT C (es) wrote: (****): Thumbs Up One of 2009's best films.

Margie W (gb) wrote: My favorite movie. Beautiful, emotional,heartbreaking, joyful, funny, romantic, courageous, powerful. On the slow moving side, but well worth the violence, no cursing, no of the very best I've seen.

Joyce R (es) wrote: Never thought I could apply this adjective to a Fellini film, but it was rather tedious.

Andy P (es) wrote: keeps your attention

Kyle B (it) wrote: A really fun musical with a delightful and charming performance from Barbra Streisand. I've never been a die hard fan of Streisand though I have liked her work but after seeing this and Hello Dolly a few weeks ago, I get the hype. Omar Sharif and Walter Pidgeon were also good and Anne Francis was great. The production design, art direction, costumes, sound, and adapted screenplay were all terrific as was William Wyler's direction and all the performances were mostly showstoppers. It did start to ramble on and slow down as Streisand and Sharif's relationship started to build but overall it was exciting and fun to watch

Bel S (us) wrote: The Child's Play franchise, I must admit is very flawed (mostly due to elements from Bride and Seed of Chucky) but, with this comeback, It's definitely worth the watch. This movie gives a sense of the back story/ roots. I'd say that if Don Mancini and the crew finally make a great and horrifying film with "Child's Play" vibes into it, The franchise will have redeemed itself. My overall thought for this movie is that it is a great set up for the next movie. It's like the bones of a good film to come.

Michael M (ca) wrote: One of the top 5 war movies of all time. I still prefer the first half to the second but it's all good. Fantastic movie.

Mohammed A (it) wrote: It's good movie to watch

John R (fr) wrote: 160201: Though slow at times, particulary in the first 45 minutes, there is something appealing about this film. Lots of racing action, a good song "Go Speed Racer Go", fun characters and cool cars. Grandma left full of energy, which scared me, as she was getting in her car. Good thing she doesn't have my old 5.0 anymore.