Imaginary Heroes

Imaginary Heroes

Matt Travis is good-looking, popular, and his school's best competitive swimmer, so everyone is shocked when he inexplicably commits suicide. As the following year unfolds, each member of his family struggles to recover from the tragedy with mixed results.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:111 minutes
  • Release:2004
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dancer,   explosion,   snow,  

The Travis family fa├žade is destroyed by an event incomprehensible to them -- an event which will open locked doors and finally reveal the secrets that have haunted them for decades. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David S (au) wrote: larguiiiisima, lenta, y no se, la historia de china como que no es mucho de mi interes por mas espadachines y madrazos que le metan :P

Laurie A (es) wrote: one of the best movies i have ever seen

Francis M (ru) wrote: A bright start to a painful predictable thriller.

Fong K (it) wrote: viewed on 23/6/04 (Wed)This is a great educational movie on your body and bad eating habits. All done in the good old fashion of a buddy cop movie. Imagine an ailing body is a badly-run city. The cells are the city people, the veins are the expressways, the brain is the city hall etc I cannot even begin to describe how imaginative the animation is. Oh it is semi-animation 'cos the body belongs to Bill Murray and the story goes beyond his body to show how Bill's daughter try to talk him out of eating junk. No, I didn' forget the word 'food'.Back to the 'insides', yup, it has all the elements of a buddy cop movie. That's why many may dismiss as nothing special; it doesn't help that the film is directed by that pair of brothers who give us There's Something About Mary. They don't know what they are missing. I think the brothers want to do something that is not just funny but actually means something, starting from this movie. I love Shallow Hal and I find Stuck On You heartwarming. This one too, and, take it from me, these brothers know what is saccharinity and they won't give us any.The movie is not only imaginative but very witty and funny. There is a statue of a sperm in the 'City Hall' and the words, "The Founder". The arrival hall is the stomach, a virus is like an illegal immigrant, a cold pill is like a welcome VIP etc. Here I go again! And did I begin to talk about the very clever lines? A catharsis of pure wit! I don't really fancy Chris Rock but his voice is boyishly cute here. Oh, songbird Brandy is in too! It's just too bad that that year Oscar doesn't have Best Animation.... (long sigh)Rating: A

Campbell P (nl) wrote: Jerry Maguire is the perfect balance of a sports drama and romance movie. I was surprised how well the two genres were able to mesh together and NEVER get off topic. This film stars the talents of Tom Cruise, Renee Zellweger, and Cuba Gooding Jr. The story follows Jerry Maguire who is a sports agent who recently was laid off and starts to build his own sports agency with the help of an accountant named Dorothy. Jerry Maguire has multiple themes throughout such as love, hope, ambition, heartache, and determination. What surprised and intrigued me the most about this film was that how well two genres that are more likely to be opposites, came together and made a really great straightforward movie! The acting is phenomenal, Tom Cruise and Cuba Gooding Jr are at their best in this movie, I loved their characters, I loved all the characters! This movie has one of the sweetest romances ever to cross the screen. They built up enough chemistry to make this romance believable and heart wrenching. What makes this film so unique is that it has its cliches in it for sure, but has a lot of different elements added to it so you don't even care about it. All the main characters had developed over time especially Jerry who definitely needed it most and worked out perfectly. The ending was perfect to me in every way, it was sweet, funny, charming, and feel good. Jerry Maguire is a unique film that went under Cameron Crowe's great direction to make this one of the sweetest movies I've ever seen. A-

Jos H (nl) wrote: Un clsico que no pas la prueba del tiempo pero por nostalgia entretiene.

Ash M (mx) wrote: Top 5 Bond movie for sure.

stefano l (fr) wrote: One of the last great performances Nicolas Cage delivered before starting to act in crappy movies. Andrew Niccol is always a great certainty anyway.