A "beyond the shoes" documentary on the former first lady of the Philippines, Imelda Marcos.

A "beyond the shoes" documentary on the former first lady of the Philippines, Imelda Marcos. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Philip H (ca) wrote: I'm so glad this documentary was made, and grateful I got to see it. Although it's not exclusively about Hayao Miyazaki, it's essentially his story, with most of the film following production of The Wind Rises. I enjoyed the insight into the man and hearing him talk extensively. I think this doc did great justice to him, fittingly with lots of patience and beauty.

Rawat H (us) wrote: Its a typical sunny deol film and is meant for sunny deol fans. It has got good storyline.

Sonia S (nl) wrote: Very touching film, superbly acted and well crafted. It showed me the beauty of deep love and of John Keat's poetry.

Vj I (ru) wrote: It was alright. Pretty much the exact same storyline as walking tall with the rock, except more martial arts. A few good fight sequences, only part that bugged me was Jason Barry demolishing Russel Wong because Wong is such the superior martial artist, but other than that it had a little bit from many fighting styles and fellow martial artists will enjoy.

Jack B (us) wrote: weak compared to the intense original

Jason U (de) wrote: this was really quite good! The end was a bit of a let down unless you play the DVD commentary for the last couple scenes. That helped bring it all together.

Matt G (kr) wrote: full of marvilous magic and chuffing trains, this is a joyful childrens film to be enjoyed by all kids over and over again, allthough badish acting and rubbish use of storyline this still brings back childhood memories no matter what, then again it should be british not american due to Thomas atcually being a british francise and now its tottaly ruined by Americans

Brian M (au) wrote: It was a pretty good movie. Good acting, directing, script, etc. In the end, though, it was just another forgettable crime drama.

Mil G (us) wrote: pretty boring, but hey it's about people on the dole so it's gotta be, Great performance from gary oldman as coxy. Tim Roth is also very good as the incredibly dim witted colin.

Meaghan C (us) wrote: I don't think I have seen as bad of acting as Anne Shirley's. As her beau pins her with the class pin to go steady she sits trying to look all starry eyed and you can see her trying... Pretty damn ridiculous. The final scene definitely pulls at the heart strings.

Tony P (us) wrote: Lots of films I watch are just too arty farty and complicated for their own good. Sometimes you just want an escapist film that requires little thought.Eddie The Eagle ticks all these boxes with ease providing 90 minutes or so of unadulterated fun.The film is based on true events with smutterings of fiction added to the edges.The 1988 Winter Olympic Games in Calgary is the location. The male ski-jumping event the sport with Eddie Edwards (Taron Egerton) as the semi-comedy contestant.Director Dexter Fletcher brought similar smutterings of comedy with his 2013 film Sunshine on Leith.Christopher Walken and Hugh Jackman provide some A list casting but Egerton is made to look extremely realistic to the real life Eddie Edwards. Walken in a brief role as an ex ski jumping coach looks ill at ease descending to the Michael Caine level of film role.