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Immigrants torrent reviews

Anastasia (gb) wrote: Uninteresting final act (13) TO OWN

Flike S (ca) wrote: Photography school. Right. Watch this, you may learn more.

Will J (nl) wrote: Unfortunately this films last act keeps this film from being a southern masterpiece. Still a must see though.

Sebastian O (it) wrote: While the kids are this film's main target audience, everyone benefits at least a little from Eddie Murphy's lines and expressions throughout Daddy Day Care.

(us) wrote: An entertaining sequel though with repetitions of certain aspects that made the first film so memorable and thereby making this one somewhat forgettable.

sissy (us) wrote: like this movie i know its corney but everyone needs a good laugh!

JB R (kr) wrote: Excellent debut from Mike Figgis. The film is dark and rhythmic creating a synergy with the jazz music at the center of the plot. Excellent performances from the entire cast as well as beautiful camera work from Roger Deakins. A very unique film, SM is both a tribute to pulpy B-grade noir as well as a meditation on 80s capitalistic culture told in images and symbols.

Karsh D (ca) wrote: Excellent taut thriller as 4 men go on a canoe trip only to have their trip become a matter of survival as they encounter a group of hillbillies.

Keith B (us) wrote: this was supposed to be a summer scene but was filmed in november 68 great cameo by anna karen before she was in on the buses great actress as well as barbara windsor and hattie jaques who was vastly underrated

Zack B (de) wrote: Typical and overused storyline is heightened by excellent performances all around. Rare film that shows Peck and Widmark in bad guy roles, although Peck would switch over. Brilliantly filmed and acted make up for a cliched Western script.

Gregory W (nl) wrote: just another ghost story

Stacey H (br) wrote: This movie is a complete and total crap fest. The American family in this moving...God, how obnoxious can they be??? The arrogant dad, the doe eyed mom, the teenage daughter with a hand on her forehead crush on the rich foreign dude and almost as bad as the dad....the little brother that won't mind and stirs up trouble from the first 5 minutes up until the very end. This movie insulted my intelligence and insulted cheesy disaster films. Please don't waste your time. This movie blows more than ice. Boo hiss hiss boo!

Paul F (jp) wrote: Bambi is one of the oldest and most classic animated films to come from Walt Disney. To this day it remains a moving, emotional, and unparalleled film, unique in its aspirations and smart in its execution.There are several important aspects of Bambi that makes it the masterpiece that it is. The first, most obvious aspect is its animation. The character animations as well as the environmental design in this film are both masterfully and artfully created. In the characters, little details are added to their facial expressions, movements, and actions to convey a sense of emotion and humanity. This makes these characters much more than just forest animals, turning them into relatable personalities parallel in many cases to ourselves. The environmental art in the film is also spectacular: every bit of scenery, every blade of grass, every leaf, every rain drop, every snowflake... they are all elegantly crafted and beautiful, constantly providing visual treats throughout the film.Another thing I love in Bambi is the way the soundtrack is utilized throughout. Very little actual sound is used during the movie, aside from the noises created by the main characters. Instead, instrumental elements are implemented brilliantly during several of the scenes of the film. Examples include violins and light string instruments during a rainstorm and a cymbal during a lightning storm. It adds a lot to the quality of the movie and is very creative.The most important aspect that makes Bambi a classic film is the themes presented throughout. More obvious, anti-hunting and pro-nature themes exist, as well as more personal, subtle themes about humanity and the beauty of life. The way that Bambi's progression through life is presented is comparable to the life of anybody in our world, which makes it a very emotional, personable journey. It also reminds audiences to take pleasure in the small, beautiful things in life, and that every day in life is a new journey, a new adventure. This is what truly makes Bambi the enduring and inspiring film that it is. It's irreplaceable and heartwarming and one of Walt Disney's greatest classic films.

Shawn R (kr) wrote: Getaway from this movie because it is so bad.

Joel A (au) wrote: The last complete Philip Seymour Hoffman before he was taken way to early from us. It's a simple story of young teen of an average family who is hit on the head on a construction site & everything was covered up.This family comes from God's Pocket in NYC (one of the roughest suburbs in NYC) and the wife of the deceased boy insisting that she gets to the bottom of it all.Hoffman is sensational as the broken Step-Father who is trying to navigate through this drama & also needing to raise the money for the funeral. Edgy, violent & engaging, this also a directional debut from John Slattery from TV's Mad Men.

Rachel S (ca) wrote: A story we already know but yet another more bearable narration.

Renee R (gb) wrote: Crazy that its based on a true story

Justin B (ag) wrote: It's worth seeing, especially for a Monty Python fan. But the pacing is off often and the jokes aren't delivered properly. Still if you like Monty Python or Mel Brooks movies, and you've seen the rest, this should be on your list, even if its toward the bottom.