Once Upon a Time in a mythical place called Hollywood, a long, long, long time ago in a galaxy not so very far away, a witty group of actors with 38 EMMY Nominations, 3 Academy Award nominations, and 8 Golden Globe nominations, along with 4 Playmates and a Penthouse Pet, came together in a burst of comic frenzy and created imps*.

Once Upon a Time in a mythical place called Hollywood, a long, long, long time ago in a galaxy not so very far away, a witty group of actors with 38 EMMY Nominations, 3 Academy Award ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Imps* torrent reviews

Aki L (fr) wrote: Standard TV production with pretty decent acting. FX sucks as it does in most TV stuff.But overall nice little flick.

Antonio N (au) wrote: Great Horror Film!!!

Vinodh T (us) wrote: thalaivaaaaaaaaaaa1!!!!!! most fantastic movie!!!! really njoyed a lot!

Gurv M (ru) wrote: Minor relation to prequal, just moved zombies from an island setting to a school really and a added some kinda elite team to take them out, better then the 1st 1, not as cheesy with teens killing zombies. miss the bullet time effects from the 1st one

Stuart K (br) wrote: Directed by Mike Newell (Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994) and Donnie Brasco (1997)), this film was based on an article called Something's Got to Give by Dewey Finn, originally pubished in the New York Times, and it focuses on one of the most tense and stressful jobs in the world, plus the love lives that happen in between. It's a good film with some sly and gentle laughs, it's a shame it didn't do more business at the time. Nick Falzone (John Cusack), is a cocky air traffic controller, working in New York, and he prides himself on his job and the fact he's able to cope under pressure. Then Russell Bell (Bill Bob Thornton) joins the team from the West Coast, and he's built himself a reputation as a bit of a maverick at what he does. Nick feels threatened by Russell and how he is seemingly able to be better at anything Nick does, both at work and at social functions. But, matters are complicated when Nick encounters Russell's wife Mary (Angelina Jolie) visibly upset and at a lose end, Nick and Mary have an affair, and then Nick discovers his wife Connie (Cate Blanchett) has been eyeing up Russell. It's a good film, with some good observations on life, but that's about it, it's essentially a four way character piece with other characters scattered in, but it has good intentions, although the cliched ending lets it down.

Alec C (it) wrote: Very nicely shot footage of earth and how we live on it. What's interesting about Baraka is the way it's edited. For instance chopping between a closeup of a natives face and logging. It's hard to describe Baraka properly, as it should probably just be watched by anyone interested in people...For all the nice footage though, it still sorta feels like it's been done a million times before, koyaanisqatsi anyone?

Niloo R (us) wrote: a disturbing, chilling film with an intriguing premise. i quite enjoyed irons's performance (as both beverly and elliot) and was thoroughly impressed with the film's visual prowess. i liked the issues the film explored with relation to identity, self and separation, but would have liked to see it take them a step further, especially though further exploration of elliot's character.

Corey W (de) wrote: Another really bizarre Pee Wee Herman movie.

Satnam B (nl) wrote: Excellent movie for the old die hards

Sam M (au) wrote: I don't believe this was fitting for an actor such as Dustin Hoffman, but that's the least important weakness here. My problem with this film was the confusing plot and several actors looking alike, not to mention the increasing amount of violence over its course. Skip this if you're into watching more Hoffman.

Jeff Z (es) wrote: Two things jumped out at me while watching this female empowerment western: Audie Murphy was really a tiny man. Kathryn Grant must've been 40 years younger than Bing when he married her. She's just a baby in this. Otherwise "Guns" is an average to above average western as Murphy plays a Texan in the Union army who comes back to Texas during the civil war to warn the locals of a Indian uprising. When he discovers all the men have left town to fight in the war (sounds like the premis for a Dean martin western) he trains the ladies to fight, aided by Hope Emmerson as his Sergeant at arms.

Bruce B (gb) wrote: A Bela Lugosi Film, as I watched this movie I thought that this must have been early in Bela's carrer, but come to find out I was wrong, even thought it was 1936 he had already made 67 other movies, WOW and Thats a big WOW. But I should have know because in this movie he give's people those Dracula eyes and puts people under his spell, I remember seeing those eyes in the different horror movies late saturday night on Creature Feature when I was growing up. Also About 1/3 into this movie I thought this must have been a serial at one time and sure enought they took a 15 Chapter 300 Minute Serial and condensed it down into 71 Minutes, so at times movie jumps from one place to another leaving you to say what the heck. My copy came from the Mill Creek 50 Movie pack Nightmare Works and the audio was very hard to understand, I am not sure if its because it was mono on my surround sound system or if its just like that. There are many different compines putting this one on the market as I think it is like freeware. Just gotta know that no one has had the eyes of Bela, and I will always remember him playing with Abbot and Costelllo, a great movie. Hard to give anything over 2 1/2 stars as its such a early film.

Paul B (ag) wrote: In the Name of the Father has quite a few narrative flaws, such as an extremely poor sense of time progression as it makes bounds between years within the blink of an eye, character motives changing on a whim, and a few bizarre logical leaps, but very much like with all of his other movies, Daniel Day-Lewis delivers a performance strong enough to turn this rather average, merely competent movie into something compelling. It's an interesting true story of injustice, though it's a story that seriously demanded a more disciplined and more thought provoking film.

Joey T (br) wrote: The whole movie feels like you are watching an FMV sequence of a bad 3DO game. I think this would have been better as a game than a movie but it's got it's moments.