In 500 Words or Less

In 500 Words or Less

Four teens try to define their lives as they make their way through the college admissions process.

Going to college is a rite of passage for many American high school students| but the process can be overwhelming: college fairs| tours| SATs| applications. And then
there's the personal essay. How does a seventeen-year old define herself to total strangers when she's only beginning to discover who she really is? And how can she
be expected to do it in an essay of 500 words or less? Point Made Films takes you on the journey to college with four very different young people as they spend their
last year with their families trying to figure out who they are and who they want to be. . Ride Molly's emotional roller coaster as she tries to balance her parents'
expectations with her own dreams . Cheer Michael on as he steps out from behind his older sister's Ivy League shadow to discover his own priorities. . Encourage Leo
to fulfill his mother's American dream while trying to maintain ties to his Dominican heritage. . And root for Lindsay as she searches for her next home while the
one ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jeremy R (it) wrote: The idea of investigating a run down psych hospital isn't to original. Also, the movie want very suspenseful considering the fact that there was constantly something going on. I lost interest 30 minutes into the movie mostly because I didn't feel the energy or mystery behind a good suspense/horror movie. I do not recommend seeing this film.

Joan O (au) wrote: Steven Seagal did not stay out in this movie at all, anyone could have played this role. Outside of that typical vampire / zombie movie.

Anna Q (us) wrote: Is this a documentary? No? Not interested. ADDENDUM: I just learned that Matthew Gray Gubler was in this. Consider me INTERESTED.

Troy F (us) wrote: I repeat what I said with the first film regarding that anime to live action is bound to come out with different results, condensing the material to a shorter runtime with some sacrifices and challenges in making it work. That said, Death Note 2 is better than it's predecessor. It's more engaging, more faithful to the source material, and it's handled extremely well, I greatly admired it. The conclusion however is vastly different fron how the anime did it. Some subplots from the anime were cut here completely which I felt worked just fine for the sake of better pacing and getting right to the good stuff, but in turn that decision also resulted in the ending change. I'd rather not point out the differences in this review so I don't spoil, but let's just say the conclusion here is.... less chaotic than in the anime. The anime concluded much better, but the ending here still didn't bother me a whole lot. In a matter of fact, the conclusion in the film to me was like an alternate "what if?" conclusion to the one in the anime, which was greatly interesting to me. Different results, but both handled very well. It's beautifully condensed great mystery thriller film adaptation that paces nicely and gets to the point.

Laura S (ru) wrote: Si no me la hubieran contado, si me hubiera impresionado mucho :C haha

Samuel S (us) wrote: Watched first 5 minutes and feel asleep. Woke up to realize that I wasn't missing anything and then just feel back asleep until the DVD menu screen started to repeat itself. I was really hoping that Wayne Brady would have pulled out the performance that he did with the Training Day parody on the Chappelle Show. Oh well.

Edward K (jp) wrote: this movie kicks ass it was awesome

Raiffe G (br) wrote: Brilliant. JCVD at his best!

Aline I (ca) wrote: Kirkou est petit mais il est trs grand!!!L'eau, l'eau est l! L'eau, l'eau est l!

Kai T (br) wrote: This movie makes Chicken Little look like the Mona Lisa. And I loved Chicken Little when I was about 9 or below. But this movie makes it terrible. I met to give this 0 stars, but I don't know how. The colors look like puke, the jokes are lame, their lips doesn't match what they're saying, and the voices are anoyying!

Jason M (de) wrote: This was one of my favorites as a kid. Pure 80's cheese. Extremely corny and silly but actually has some very funny performances, especially from "my little Hodgekins."

Greg W (es) wrote: ok WWII actioner post WWII

Augustine H (mx) wrote: Barbara Stanwyck gives it all for playing the selfless mother. How can you not break into tears in the final scene?

Ryan C (fr) wrote: "Goldmember" is a tad confusing and unoriginal, but it's still a laugh-spoofing riot and surprisingly contains an entertaining performance by Beyonce.

Bernie M (jp) wrote: It was alright. The weakest of the Hannibal Lector movies by far.