In Another Country

In Another Country

A three-tiered story centered on a trio of French tourists visiting the same seaside resort.

A three-tiered story centered on a trio of French tourists visiting the same seaside resort. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Phillie E (it) wrote: Why did I just watch this

Spiros K (fr) wrote: Nice documentary with lots of "food for thought", BUT:1. the validity of the claims of said "economic hitman" remain personal claims.2. the in-between acted shots are certainly NOT GOOD.

Jennifer T (br) wrote: Excellent Spanish film. Superb acting. Great plot. Must watch. Subtitles. About a woman whose husband runs out on her and her kids. People can relate to this. Emotional, interesting.

Dolors J (jp) wrote: 29%? how heavy...this is crazy. You're insane, critics. It deserves, at least, a 40%.

Alejandro C (nl) wrote: Una maravilla de la tcnica, que entretiene lo suficiente

Jim F (de) wrote: Brooklyn New York. Try not to notice the gentle camera shake throughout. Music by Broken Social Scene

Jason Z (ru) wrote: I was so excited when this came out to see Indy on the big screen again and find out what happened to him in the years in between. The first half of the movie I would give 5 stars. I loved the nostalgia. The 2nd half of the movie, however, was horrible. The giant ants. Shia swinging on the vines with monkeys made it unbearable at times to watch. Watch the first hour then turn it off.

Mike V (de) wrote: Only way to watch this movie is the Mystery Science version. Made it funnier then it already was.

Brandon B (ru) wrote: Eh, kind of stupid. Nothing really happened.

ScubaSteve Walter M (it) wrote: It's very unfortunate to see the worst film from the series. Zatoichi is up against another irrelevant side quest. Such a poor story, nothing is happening and the battles are just sloppy.

Allan C (fr) wrote: Only after I watched this film did I read that Dorothy Parker was one of the writers on this film and that Herman J. Mankiewicz did uncredited writing work on it. I may have paid closer attention to the dialogue if I had, but honestly, this WWI romantic spy film was pretty dull. Carey Grant is a pilot who fall in in love with Jean Harlow. The most exciting moments are the ariel battles, which were unused footage from Howard Hughes' "Hell's Angels." the other highlight is a canteen scene where Carey grant sings, which I'm not sure I ever saw before.

Emma H (ag) wrote: I remember watching this when I was a young child and it wasn't especially scary but indeed memorable because until this day, I can remember the story vividly. The kind of story that keeps you enchanted for years is the kind of stories I miss these days... Never read the book but might just try and find it. Definitely one to watch!

Thomas T (it) wrote: If Scary Movie targets its correct audiences, then there is going to be a fair amount of laughs.

John Eric D (ca) wrote: This film is just impressive and did not see it coming. It has very slow start and suddenly it starts to get more interesting. Kondracki's debut suspense will grip you out on a mysterious plot as Weiz's portrayal of Kathryn Bolkovac was based on real events against human trafficking