In Country

In Country

Samantha Hughes, a teenaged Kentucky girl, never knew her father, who died in Vietnam before her birth. Samantha lives with her uncle Emmett, who also served in Vietnam. Emmett hangs around with Tom, Earl, and Pete, three other Vietnam vets who, like Emmett, all have problems of one kind or another that relate to their war experiences. Samantha,becomes obsessed with finding out about her father.

Samantha Hughes, a teenaged Kentucky girl, never knew her father, who died in Vietnam before her birth. Samantha lives with her uncle Emmett, who also served in Vietnam. Emmett hangs around... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rudijk V (us) wrote: una historia con matices de fantasia en un mundo donde pareceria que el tiempo finalmente ha dejado de correr....

Justin B (us) wrote: It's obviously well made and offers enough action and humour to make for breezy, undemanding entertainment but I personally can only handle small doses of Robert Downey Jr.'s brash and unlikable character. I also find that the closer these marvel movies get to The Avengers, the goofier they get.

Keith M (kr) wrote: Released as "9Lives" in Europe. Pedestrian and formulaic compete for the prize. Mr Snipes must really have needed the money.

Jon F (es) wrote: a fun film about love and dealing with dwarfism in prejudiced times

Andy P (ru) wrote: The beginning of the end of Steven Seagal's career.

Kyle L (nl) wrote: Poltergeist II: The Other Side is a solid sequel that does a unique job in being a good sequel to the original 1982 Steven Spielberg classic and although it is nowhere as good as the first Poltergeist the movie is entertaining at least. This film takes place years after the first Poltergeist where The Freeling family now live with Diane's mother after the traumatic events they experienced in the first film. But soon the family is haunted again by the spirits from their former home and with the help of Taylor the Medicine man and Tangina the family must take down the beast Kane once and for all to save their daughter Carol Anne. I did enjoy this sequel as much as I enjoyed the first film and I understand that the reviews were not as high as the first film and it didn't perform well on the box office but it doesn't mean that its not worth watching because this sequel managed to stay true to the spirit of the first film without insulting the original. I know that this sequel has its flaws and issues because making sequels or prequels are often difficult but at least this film has all of the things that made the first one memorable. One of the things I like about this film is that this movie has a couple of scenes that are memorable and in times a bit more suspenceful than the first film and there are a couple of scenes I seriously enjoyed in this movie(Scenes with the creepy old man, the crazy braces sequence, the infamous scene where Steve vomits the creature out of his body, the attack in the garage with the flying chainsaw and the epic finale) and the settings still look good at the same time. The other good things I like about this film is that the movie is also full of special effects and they still look way better than the CGI today plus Jerry Goldsmith's soundtrack is darker than before. Now the only downside of this film is that since I said that this film is not as good as the original there are a few reasons. First of all neither Steven Spielberg nor Tobe Hooper had no involvement in this film and the movie lacks the suspense and atmosphere of the original but at least it is still entertaining. Now the acting is superb I love seeing a few of the casts members return again for this sequel like Craig T. Nelson, Jobeth Williams etc... while the new casts like Will Sampson and Julian Beck deliver superb performances as Taylor The Medicine Man and Reverand Henry Kane. Director Brian Gibson did an amazing job with his work on this film and he seriously created a solid sequel to the first Poltergeist even though Steven Spielberg was not involved with this film and he did an amazing job making Michael Grais and Mark Victor's screenplay come to life the result is a solid sequel despite its flaws. Overall Poltergeist II: The Other Side is a great sequel to the first film even though its nowhere as good as the first film and this movie gets a 7.9/10.

Paul M (gb) wrote: Much better than it's predecessor.

Bill B (jp) wrote: This was pretty amusing, terrible dubbing, wild choreography and awesome use of Paul Smith as the enormous bearded villain made me very happy.Well worth a look, though all the double crosses may get to be a bit much, the fights are interesting and worth the wait.Give it a look.

Joanna D (ag) wrote: I like this movie. There are some boring bits, and some bits where you're tied up in knots hoping the main character doesn't fall a million feet, true; but I really liked this movie.

Cody C (jp) wrote: So damn good. Maybe the best western I've seen, kinda neck and neck with My Darling Clementine and The Naked Spur and Bad Day at Black Cock at this point

Jon N (kr) wrote: I have to start by giving 4 stars to the excellent frogs in this movie. Sadly the film is let down by some bad action and the lack of comedy (for a comedy). Although the story premise is an interesting one?

oniverse m (br) wrote: a fail movie that doesn't show any respect for the real people it's based on or tells a very good story.

Amy R (ca) wrote: I was rooting for the cat and Ligeia the whole time. Vincent Price is masterful in this Corman wonder.