In Dark Places

In Dark Places

A vengeful woman lures her half brother into a game that may leave her the sole heir to their abusive father's fortune.

Chapelle, a sexy and mysterious painter, uses the art of seduction to pit her half-brother and his best friend against each other in an act of revenge against her abusive father. A dangerous love triangle ensues. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carl G (au) wrote: Great message about grace!

David J (fr) wrote: my first Vietnamnese movie...such an excellent feel-good movie.

Smashproplaya (mx) wrote: Good way to pilot the series

Stiliana M (nl) wrote: A story about cross cultural and cross continental love, written and performed in iambic pentameter. Joan Allen's acting is so clinical and precise, with emotion surging underneath a clean and smooth exterior. The ending is ambiguous, verging on a daydream or fantasy.

Miguel D (us) wrote: Brother Bear takes place in North America, with three brothers Denahi, Sitka and Kenai. Kenai the youngest of the brothers ends up disliking bears after his older brother is killed by one and he seeks revenge by killing the bear that killed his brother. After killing the bear, Kenai is changed into a bear himself as punishment for his act in killing the bear by the spirits. After Kenai is changed into a bear, he comes by his older brother spirit who tells him how he can change back to a human from being a bear, which is to find the Northern Lights, which is where the lights touch the earth. Kenai decide to set out on a voyage to find the Northern Lights. On his travels he meets a young bear named Koda, Koda is fun adoring bear who talks a lot. Through his travels with Koda, Kenai looks at Koda as his younger brother and learns that being a bear is not all that bad. Kenai and Koda end up coming face to face with his older brother who believes a bear may have killed Kenai too. In the end after Kenai is turned back into a human he wants to remain a bear and live the rest of his life as a bear. Kenai learned what brotherhood is about and became a man as being a bear. This movie relates to world religion in the chapter about the teachings of Native American Indigenous religions, Native American religions share a belief in a supreme force or scared power, the scared power maybe manifested in different ways, it may be inherited in parts of the natural world or may be an important quality of gods or other supernatural beings. In the Navajo of the southwestern United States they teach of the Holy Wind, which is a spiritual force that inhibits every element of creation, the Holy Wind enters living beings through their own breath and directs their actions and thoughts, they connect all living things. (Brodd, 2013, 33)Brodd, Jeffrey. Invitation to World Religions. Oxford: Oxford UP, 2013. Print.

Gregory J (fr) wrote: Reminded me a little of the Romy Schneider film from the early 70's.. Great film. Charlotte Rampling does a great job with subtle nuances in character. I dig the French house, where the action takes places.

Kevin R (ca) wrote: God works in mysterious ways while the devil plays in strange ways Ty Adams is a renowned psychologist who has been selected to receive his own reality show. The reality show takes place at a new hospital Adams has no prior experience. Initially, Adams new methods of treatment seem to work well at the facility. However, when a new patient arrives who thinks he's the devil and begins influencing the other patients as well as Adams, the reality show may go south for Adam real quick. "She was so hungry she was eating the wood off the bed post." Eriq La Salle, director of Rebound: The Legend of Earl Manigault and episodes of ER, CSI: NY, and Without a Trace, delivers Crazy as Hell. The storyline for this picture is interesting and well delivered. The concept was well portrayed and the acting was better than average. The cast includes Eriq La Salle (Coming to America), Sinbad, Michael Beach (Hell Ride), and Ronny Cox (Killzone). "He had beaten me and my mother for three days straight..." Crazy as Hell is currently airing on The Movie Channel (TMC). I happened to catch this movie while flicking through the channels and the plot seemed interesting. Michael Beach delivered a solid lead performance and La Salle delivered an eccentric performance. The overall conclusion was not delivered well and made the film feel like it was "made for television." This is worth watching once. "How does it feel to be the devil's bitch?" Grade: C

Sarah D (es) wrote: i saw this when i was like, idk, younger, and i liked it a lot. i haven't been able to see it since... This was an absolutley incredible movie! The acting was intense and the story was interesting. The music was just as good.

Crissy B (ca) wrote: eh...the first was good.

Carlos D (gb) wrote: there's the Zombie,Virus,Vampire,natural disaster Apocalypse.... and then there's the Agoraphobia Apocalypse created by the Pastor Brothers...a very clever way of making a post apocalyptic movie.Spain you will always have my respect when it comes to sci-fi and horror.

Allan C (gb) wrote: This homage laden film is more interesting than is actually a good film. The cast is filled with many super cool actors, filmmakers, and musicians (Joe Strummer, Sy Richardson, Jim Jarmusch, Grace Jones, Rick Rude, Dennis Hopper, etc), music by the Pogues and Pray for Rain, and a fun punk rock Spaghetti Western vibe. However, the story is pretty nonexistent and the film moves at snails pace. For a film that should have been amazing, this one is pretty disappointing. Still there are some very cool moments scattered throughout the film which does make it worth watching. And on a side note, after watching Sy Richardson as a bad ass criminal with a black suit, white shirt, and thin black tie, it's impossible not to see the influence of this character on Sam Jackson's character in "Pulp Fiction".

Matt S (ru) wrote: Continuing where Wrath of Khan left off this is a good follow up. Not knowing that leaving Spock for dead in the last movie was a mistake and that they could revive him, the crew must go against Starfleet and get their old friend back. All the while Klingons are hot on the trail for the Genesis device that was used in the last movie. In a race to get their friend back stop the Klingons, it is high drama. This film does a great job of taking the story further and not be a one off sequel. The cast again are great, the writing is top notch and the effects are great.

Curtis R (fr) wrote: Roy Scheider was the man back in the 70's and starred or appeared in some real blockbusters. Here he gets a starring vehicle as Buddy, leader of an elite squad of undercover New York cops called the "7UP's" referring to the fact that they use any means necessary to put criminals away for no less than seven years. When a childhood friend and informant for Buddy turns traitor and it leads to one of the squadmember's deaths, its up to Buddy to bring down the bad guys his own way. One of the greatest car chases caught on screen from the mastermind behind "Bullit' and "French Connection".

Jeff B (jp) wrote: This was just too silly.

Michael F (nl) wrote: Plenty of action, adventure, drama....and strings. They seem to play the theme of the film in several scenic angles. It is J.S. Bach, Prelude if anyone is curious. The few primitive medical procedures seemed real except for the pain on their faces. Besides that, the whole tale seems right out of a captians journal. Daddy! I want to go sailing!

Peter A (kr) wrote: This should go down as a top-tier survival film. I connected with these characters, their individual needs to escape Siberia, and how they struggled together as a group against the elements.