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In fraganti

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EQ R (au) wrote: Great cast and filmed with style, this "cops and robbers" action-thriller comes up short with the script. The film had potential, unfortunately the story did not go to the places it needed to in order to make this a great film. Instead it lands around the "good/watchable" spot. C+

Mike C (au) wrote: Nicole must have unlimited minutes. For as many unbelievable things there are about this movie, it is done well enough to convey some dysfunction and awkwardness...two of my favorite things about movies. The biggest surprise to me was the NC-17 rating it would have had if accepted. Only in Puritanical America can that be pulled off with no nudity or violence. Beyond that, I had a hard time getting into it because I simply did not believe it. A mysterious phone call. The awkward writer passes up not one but two good looking girls? I thought the final 1/3 was much stronger than than the first part of the movie, and the twist was mildly entertaining and took the story somewhere unexpected. It's way too slow to probably ever watch again, but not bad for a boring night.

Andrew P (gb) wrote: its not that bad just too many inconsistencies

Anucka P (br) wrote: BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHHAHA!!!!

Aiu N (es) wrote: I laughed a lot and almost cried with this LOL

Ina S (it) wrote: Lighthearted, entertaining Brazilian romantic comedy. Nice for a cozy night in, some nice surprises there, too.

Scott E (jp) wrote: BORING !! Turned it off in an hour, so badly acted, and why did everyone have to whisper ??

daren y (es) wrote: i love this movie and the other two cont. ones too

Matt M (us) wrote: Count Dracula is revived and chases after a group of tourists. A sequel that is not very imaginative but quite graphic for the time. Lee is, once again, iconic and his dramatic hissing is conveyed by the eerie atmosphere.

Gary S (es) wrote: Although I think that we were meant to feel sorry for the mad scientist, I found him intensely irritating and was glad that he got shot. Got some scenes which were used in the film "The Quatermass Experiment".

Adam T (au) wrote: Tremendous performances and tight scripting in this story about two writers and the lengths they both go to in order to crack the Watergate scandal wide open.

Bob R (ca) wrote: Very suspenseful and a shocking, devastating horror film. One of the best!!!