In Love, Every Pleasure Has Its Pain

In Love, Every Pleasure Has Its Pain

Italian comedy.

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In Love, Every Pleasure Has Its Pain torrent reviews

Brad M (de) wrote: Great classic horror, great sequel, really cool practical effects.

Brandon B (us) wrote: Fairly routine actioner here. As the cast and marketing features would suggest, this is a fairly typical action type film popularized since the 80s. If you're looking for some enjoyable entertainment where you can relax and turn your brain off, then Escape Plan is a fairly decent movie to watch. If your looking for thoughtful and intelligent story telling, this movie is likely not your movie. For some good old fashioned fun action from two of the genres' legends, this movie will meet general expectations.

Hannah D (fr) wrote: This is a very engrossing drama about a shy girl who has lesbian feelings for a fellow member of the synchronized swimming club she attends. I would have liked it to be longer as there was much more to explore.

Marcus Y (es) wrote: A classic that all children should watch

Rajnish K (mx) wrote: remarkable delineation of characters which grows against a brutal backdrop of hate to realise they love ... and love that matters .... only to move apaart...... sensitive movie....

jwasu r (jp) wrote: cult film potential.

Rico F (us) wrote: I was really disappointed with this one. It is getting tiring how when an original movie is a hit, they decide to make a franchise out of it and the series normally gets progressively worse. This is no exception. The second instalment did not match the class of the first but this one was by far the worst of the lot. Emilio Estevez even played a really limited role in this one which makes the idea of having the third instalment even more absurd. It is disappointing to see there was no conclusion in the relationship between Gordon Bombay and Charlie's mother..

Paul D (mx) wrote: Stories of love amongst affluent Parisians, with an alternative ending to the 'it was all a dream' cliche.

John S (it) wrote: Master of the Flying Guillotine is even more silly and ridiculous than it's prequel One Armed Boxer but it's just as fun and amusing. Just like One Armed Boxer, Master of the Flying Guillotine feels slightly dated which may hamper the experience but the film still moves along fine. There are still loads of great fight scenes, with this film having even more varied fight scenes. There's nothing else about the film that is particularly spectacular but overall Master of the Flying Guillotine is a genuine kung fu classic.

Joseph M (jp) wrote: Great to see where the inspiration for Kill Bill came from. Good story and beautiful sets and locations.

Chris B (nl) wrote: A masterful and powerful film directed by the legendary Fritz Lang, "Scarlet Street" is a dark and gloom filled tale of vice and murder. The film really develops the characters and you truly feel for them as they try and naively cope with the unforgiving world around them. Real people in real situations and the desperation that rears it's head and causes chaos is the theme here and is enacted perfectly by the cast and written wonderfully! This really is a haunting and powerful film that has a powerful performance by all involved, especially Edward G. Robinson as the lonely and desperate Christopher Cross. Ultimately we are shown that no matter what you legally get away from, sometimes the worst thing is your own conscience. This is a great film that I would recommend to anyone interested in film and especially those that like dark dramas and film-noir.

David J (ru) wrote: Good acting and a gripping story carried this indie film.

Shavon L (mx) wrote: Plot Summary In the movie Little Buddha a little male child has been sought out by Tibetan monks who think that he is the reincarnation of a past lama and is the Buddha. The boy takes a journey to India in search of knowing if he is the Buddha.World Religion Buddhism is one of the largest religions in the world. With its unique way of being kind, having peace and being one with people and nature, Buddhism is truly a way of life. I am currently studying Buddhism in a course and it talks about the enlightenment of the Buddha. I watched Little Buddha by Bernardo Bertolucci recently. The basis of the movie was the boy Jessie's mother being approached by Tibetan monks, the Buddha finding his way to enlightenment and is Jessie the reincarnation of a lama and is he the Buddha. Jessie is a little boy that lives in Seattle with his mother and father. One day at his school playground, a monk approached his mother about talking to her and her son. The Lama which died gave the monk a vision that the next Buddha would live in a house on the hill. The monk visited Jessie and gave him a book on Buddhism and wanted to mentor him. Later, the monk wanted Jessie to come to India to see if he was the Buddha. The Buddha is Siddhartha Gautama who was born a prince. Before his birth, his mother Queen Maya had a vision of a baby elephant with her. Right before giving birth she fell into a trance that pulled her deep into the woods. She began to have labor pains and the tree bowed to her for her own support. Siddhartha was born and instantly started to walk. As he walked blossoms were growing from his footsteps. His father King Suddhodana shielded him from pain and suffering. As he grew up, Siddhartha heard a song of pain, he wanted to know what it was, pain. He never went outside of his palace because he had everything at his fingertips. He saw old age, sickness and death for the first time. He wanted to put an end to suffering. One night everyone was in a deep sleep and he vanished. He went to meditate for six years and nothing happened until he heard a teacher speak to his students about sings not being too tight or to loose. He then found enlightenment. Though many trials came with Mara the Tempter, the Buddha prevailed to end suffering. But will Jessie be the Buddha when there are two other prospects? Jessie and his father went to India to talk with the monks and see if he was the Buddha. With the two other children, he thought there was just one. In the end all three of the child had the Lamas traits and all three of the children were the Buddha. In conclusion, Little Buddha was an amazing story about of the Buddha came about and how he gained enlightenment. The Buddha cared about others more than himself and he wanted to end all suffering forever by teaching the power of enlightenment and ending sickness, old age and death. With these things one would be reincarnated and live again.

Shauna D (ru) wrote: I've watched all the paranormal activity 's and they are all brilliant

Ej M (mx) wrote: Inspiration, shocking, graphic and before it's time. This film is low budget horror god. The Godfather of gore and is it bizarre, bloody and brilliant and so much more for anyone who loves splatter films.

Valerie V (us) wrote: Overall it was a good movie. Not that much action but the story line was good.