In Love We Trust

In Love We Trust

A divorced couple learns that the way to possibly save daughter, who is suffering from blood cancer, is to have another child. Problem is: They're both already remarried.

A divorced couple learns that the way to possibly save daughter, who is suffering from blood cancer, is to have another child. Problem is: They're both already remarried. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Valerie P (br) wrote: I believe that this film has received low ratings purely because people did not understand it, or did not choose to. It is assuredly off-beat and eccentric in its exploration of psychological illness, teen angst, and societal judgment; but, I believe that Francesca Gregorini has succeeded in creating a uniquely fascinating coming of age story. Emanuel is a troubled teen who blames herself for the death of her mother in childbirth. She is notably troubled, filled with self importance, and has trouble connecting with others. Linda moves into the neighborhood and reaches out to Emanuel; but their subsequent closeness causes Emanuel's parents to be concerned. I will not give away the big reveal that occurs roughly halfway through the film, but I am sure that much of the audience becomes uncomfortable and outraged around that time. When viewed seriously, however, this film brings to light an issue that isn't often discussed. There is some superb acting in this movie. Both Jessica Biel and Kaya Scodelario (much better than any Kristen Stewart, in my opinion) do an outstanding job. I have also fallen a little in love with Aneurin Barnard who plays Claude. I noticed him before when he starred in television's The White Queen. He's a bit like Elijah Wood, only more mysterious. I hope to see lots more of him in future.

Carine I (kr) wrote: Four stars to the music!

Cesare M (ru) wrote: I guess if you're russian you'll like it better

Timothy R (ag) wrote: my fav movie's excelent documentary full feeling & expression...much an inspirational for me...

Duncan R (ru) wrote: One of my all time favorite cartoons... all around good adventure story

abby (ca) wrote: aHHH... love this movie. but i can't find it anywhere :(

Tor M (nl) wrote: A film of my taste that has gotten past me. A slow but steady going piece with a bunch of beautiful, artistic and creative shots. Every scene has a thought through plan and they are all stunning. The cinematography is just perfect and one of the better I've ever experienced. Slowly moving in circles in a way, or backing up and expanding the picture, we even get some major zooming that looks wonderful.Anyhow, the story is touching and heartbreaking. Two young kids searching for their father all alone - bordercrossing in rugged circumstances is not easy. We meet many people on their ride, some are good, others are not as nice characters. The great story is well told and we get to know the kids while they are shifting places. A big bonus here are the strange things that continually happen. The scene with the wedding party, the hand, the snowfall and several others are quite weird and definetly unique. For some strange reason it works out brilliantly in this otherwise straight forward film.I really must check out more of Angelopoulos' films if this is his signature style. All the mind blowing imagery, gray and sad buildings or prettier nature generate the super atmosphere. The brilliant score is also a major key here. Haunting stuff, I'm struggling to find words, this is a must see. Probably one of the best films ever made.9.5 out of 10 snowfalls.

Gordon T (es) wrote: A CLASSIC; narrated by Bill Bixby; my memories of SUMMER OF '42 remind me of a bunch of NORMAN ROCKWELL PAINTINGS. Starring Jennifer O'Neil who would later appear in LUCIO FULCI'S Seven Notes in Black (aka THE PSYCHIC) and David Cronenberg's SCANNERS . . . Summer of '42 is the movie that Wendy and Danny Torrence were watching in Stanley Kubrick's THE SHINING. I just remember it being a very good film: The lady's husband dies overseas and Hermie Comes of Age . . .I guess Coming of age means turning into an adult where you selflessly comfort another person . . . something like that at least. The world is very different now . . . now we get movies about some kid losing his virginity and other kids videotaping the experience and uploading it to Youtube . . . so what: is the the world become insensitive or something? I saw this on PRISM Cable-TV probably before SCANNERS was released in theaters.

Christopher H (es) wrote: A surprisingly intelligent disaster movie and a nice sci-fi gem from the 1950's. Despite the film's low budget, the special effects are quite spectacular and well done (with the exception of the end). The film's ensemble cast is also well rounded and each give respectable performances, with one of the standouts being Larry Keating. The scientific logic may be a little ridiculous, but the movie does a good job in presenting it in a believable manner and getting the audience to be empathetic towards the human character's efforts to save humanity from extinction. The main human character's enemy is time, and tension builds as doomsday draws nearer and nearer. Definitively one of the better sci-fi movies from the 1950's that still mostly holds up today.

Jeff B (kr) wrote: Pretty good adventure/romance film from 1936 starring Fredric March as the title character. It had a great beginning, Billy Mauch was entertaining as the young Adverse, but I though it lost some of its steam when Anthony went to Havana and then to Africa, and it never really recovered. The performances were good, Claude Rains and Gale Sondergaard (winning the very first Supporting Actress Oscar) were good villains (though I hated that African woman villain, she was way too underdeveloped). This movie would have been much better if it was longer, from what I've read, this is based on a novel that's about 1,200 pages, this shoud have been like a 4 hour long Gone with the Wind type film. It ends way too abruptly with nothing really resolved, without having read the novel, I just know that there was an ending like Tom Jones or Great Expectations, where everything comes together and the main character learns everything about his past. But not in this film, which is too bad.

Patrick L (it) wrote: This movie's dvd includes several special features with unusual titles and they are not necessarily very interesting to watch though they are connected to the movie and its premise. Adoration is a unique, interesting, strange film of a boy who does a class presentation in which he reveals that his dad was a terrorist (later we find out that this is an assignment that is fictionalized with the encouragement of the teacher who later proves to be the former wife of his dad). He then goes online and has conversations with people who are under the impression that this story of his is true. In reality, his father and his mother died in a car accident due to inattentiveness by the father; the boy was told by his grandfather that the father had intended to kill his wife. A suspenseful film. 9/10

Raji K (kr) wrote: Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe star in Virtuosity. Crowe is SID 6.7 a sadistic virtual serial killer. He somehow is able to become human and begins terrorizing and killing everyone in his path. The only one who can stop him is a former officer now turned criminal Lt. Barnes (Washington). The chase is on tries to find and kill before the bodies keep piling up. As he hunts him down he finds he is hard to kill as SID 6.7 can regenerate and take a lot of damage. These types of scenes seem similar to the Terminator. Barnes must find a way to balance his troubled past to catch him. Things get even more personal when SID 6.7 threatens his family. Virtuosity is a terrible movie in nearly all accounts. A few entertaining action sequences are all about that keep this movie afloat. Crowe does his best as the serial killer, and Washington can tell it is not the best script he has seen and practically mails it in. Some of Crowes' antics as the villain actually come off as more comedic than dark, and it is not even clear if this is intended or not for some scenes. The film tries to present ground breaking special effects, and for this reason the film does not age well either. -11.19.2016-

Jimmy Pontoh D (kr) wrote: knowing the first movie. i really wanted to watch this sequel. :)