In Old Oklahoma

In Old Oklahoma

Cowboy Dan Somers and oilman Jim "Hunk" Gardner compete for oil lease rights on Indian land in Oklahoma, as well as for the favors of schoolteacher Cathy Allen. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brandon S (mx) wrote: Awesome SciFi movie!

WS W (au) wrote: There were always some stupid bitches popping up from nowhere keep screwing things up.

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Zack B (gb) wrote: ok kinda funny but you know whats gonna happen

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Real G (gb) wrote: The basic idea behind Jail Bait is pretty simple and that's sort of the problem with this film. You have a hardened criminal who murders the son of a cosmotologist who is covering for his son's murder. Yea I made it sound more complex than it really is. Anyway, so the crimial kills the son and goes to the cosmotologist to have his face changed because the cops are breathing down his neck. Now who do you think the cosmotologist is going to change the criminal's face into?? I won't tell you, you can probably figure it out for yourself if you think about it for a second. That and the dames in this film cannot act who a squat, it's like they're reading off cue cards or something. I got this film paired with The Great St. Louis Bank Robbery so I watched it for the hell of it. If you see it in a discount bin somewhere, leave it be and find another film.

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