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In Passing


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John G (ca) wrote: Lots of style, but negative substance.

Deedee W (de) wrote: Ugliest movie ever! I watched it for like 10 mins then I turned it off, took out the disc, walked outside and threw the DVD away!!

Ronnie C (es) wrote: 10 mins I watched!! Should have done the dishes instead!

Michael D (au) wrote: Freaked hits a perfect note of layered satire and storybook simplicity that can enlighten young minds and entertain adults without slowing down.

Real G (it) wrote: Don't get me wrong, Bruce Li holds his own in this film and if it weren't for him, I'd probably would've turned this thing off about twenty miuntes into it. The acting is soooooo bad, I'm not even joking. The story is pretty standard Blaxploitation stuff, you know drug dealers taking over turf and the good guy gotta go kick butt. Been there done that, and the final fight sequences are so cheesy. Oh yea, and be on the lookout for RoboGirl, (my nickname for one of the characters) who's purpose in this film is to what, titalate Hong Kong male viewers? Eh, enough.

Jason P (es) wrote: One of my all time favorites, watched it ten times. Took a couple of times to catch everything. Brilliant and beautiful. Kaufman is incredibly gifted and Gondy's direction was a great match for this story. Cannot wait for more from Kaufman!

Jared P (au) wrote: An incredibly underrated film.

Brandon S (au) wrote: It feels like a collective effort to mock Terrence Malick, which is ironic, because it would've been better had he directed it.

Ricardo A (mx) wrote: Just another late 70's horror movie that it's not that cheesy to be funny.

Anna B (ca) wrote: This movie was awful and I've never said that about a kids movie. It was beyond boring and there were NO funny parts (for adults or kids). Not a fan of what they did to the dog either in a movie made for kids! I do not recommend this movie at all!

Said C (jp) wrote: stupid subject. one of those morale movies. like they are going to get through. only thing that gets through is money. so whatever.