In The Blood

In The Blood

When her husband goes missing during their Caribbean vacation, a woman sets off on her own to take down the men she thinks are responsible.

Ava, a veteran female gladiators once had a dark past. After completing salary was marry a sexy guy and have a their honeymoon in the beautiful Caribbean. But the dark fate that attacked her once, when making her newlywed husband in distress and vanished. While tracing the whereabouts of her husband, Ava had discovered an underground world full of violence and evil conspiracies exist even between the beautiful island paradise. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David D (br) wrote: "In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act." - George Orwell

Thomas B (gb) wrote: Packed with jokes and featuring two great central performances, Baby Mama still falls into the trap of feeling a little predictable. Full review later.

Markellus R (jp) wrote: I'm a sucker for a good Time Travel story...this is a fantastic one. Funny, dramatic, and some amazing animation. One of the most entertaining movies I've seen in a while.

WS W (fr) wrote: Three Times for Love, Freedom & Youth. Like most off the people do, I like the Time for Love (1st segment) most because of its easiness & loveliness. The remaining were just typical Hou's style- long & static shots with limited use off dialogue. It was at least less tedious than I thought because of the short segments format. It doesn't matter what the stories about actually; it matters what Hou wants to show/ tell you through the camera- pretentious was what I got.

Mic R (au) wrote: Fairly typical 80s teen geek movie. Possibly includes a few too many montages throughout.

Jeremy W (us) wrote: Watched this on a plane and it was good entertainment. Hoskins puts in a good performance and when I told my wife later she said "What as, Bob Hoskins?" This made me think, but he really was good. The storyline is engaging, and the acting is quintessentially British in its understatement.

Vinnie G (it) wrote: Fantastic; it's so well pieced together and acted. Definitely one of my favourite Bergman films.

Kevin S (fr) wrote: One of the things I love most about classic noir films is the narrative. There's nothing quite like a private detective giving you the lay of the land as he stares down the barrel of a gun while taking what might be his last drag on his last cigarette. Murder, My Sweet is wrought with great lines that were destined to become clich in the legend of the genre. "'Okay Marlowe,' I said to myself. 'You're a tough guy. You've been sapped twice, choked, beaten silly with a gun, shot in the arm until you're crazy as a couple of waltzing mice. Now let's see you do something really tough - like putting your pants on.'" They just don't write lines like that anymore, outside of some Saturday Night Live parody skit. But that's okay. As I was watching this film I realized that it had caught me right between the ears. A black pool opened up at my feet and I dived in. It had no bottom. I felt pretty good. like an amputated leg...

Aj V (kr) wrote: A hilariously silly short, I really enjoyed it, even though Laurel and Hardy playing themselves as kids looked really silly.

Kevin N (es) wrote: A joyfully nihilistic short with premonitions of 'Modern Times' throughout. It's fun to see Chaplin muck up so many situations in so many places, and here he goes from making a mess as a witer in a fancy restaurant to knocking everyone flat in a roller-rink. Full of plenty of physical humor but lacks pathos. Still, what the tramp can do on roller skates is amazing.

Mark H (gb) wrote: not a bad story but things did seem to get over the top quickly

Trenton R (ca) wrote: Three Kings is everything a good solid film needs, good comedy, good acting, good action, and good story that doesn't shy away from the dark tragedy of war on both sides.

David H (ru) wrote: Rollins plays it deadpan, but not in an interesting way. Hung with this film for over a half-hour waiting for something exciting to happen, but nothing did.

rainbodragon (ag) wrote: Mean spirited and full of jokes a 12 year old would love.