In the Cut

In the Cut

Following the gruesome murder of a young woman in her neighborhood, a self-determined woman living in New York City--as if to test the limits of her own safety--propels herself into an impossibly risky sexual liaison. Soon she grows increasingly wary about the motives of every man with whom she has contact--and about her own.

A New York writing professor, Frannie Avery (Ryan), has an erotic affair with a police detective (Ruffalo) investigating a murder in her neighborhood of a beautiful young woman... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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WS W (au) wrote: Corny sex-rom-com. Still quite dragging however.

Anthony I (jp) wrote: A fascinating account of America's most corrupt president. I love everything about the Nixon Administration on film, and this is the quintessential documentary about it. The Super 8 footage is fascinating to watch and the interviews with Nixon's aids are nothing short of shocking. Penny Lane is one of America's best independent filmmakers, and this is her best film yet.

Farron K (fr) wrote: The one in which Ash becomes the first human in Pokeworld orbit. Decent enough for what it is, but not that great. Bad dialogue, same-old predictable story, Victini is disturbingly-cutesy Jirachi in another form, and so on. My first impressions of Iris and Cilan are that they are worse than their predecessors, though Brock's Best Before date expired a long time ago. Still hoping that maybe one day Nintendo will realize that they can make a Pokemon movie without creating a script so mediocre that even preschoolers can understand it at length.

Eshan W (jp) wrote: It's enjoyable at best. Nothing much to offer except Ajay and Prakash.

Tony M (mx) wrote: A mindless-fun diversion that is perfect after a long and stressful work week.

Brendan T (us) wrote: I really don't know what to think of this film. One one hand I really love the character relationship progression. Jamie travels from Atlanta to Brooklyn to meet up with her friend, but gets lost. She meets up with a stranger named Charlie who helps her find her way to where she was supposed to meet her friend, but her friend is not there and not answering her phone. The rest of the movie follows the two as they go from strangers to acquaintances to friends in around 24 hours. The movie is dialogue based, similar in fact to Before Sunrise in that sense, as well as the whole strangers meeting and talking their way through 24 hours, except in this case things don't progress to the romantic levels of Before Sunrise. The film is actually a part of the mumblecore film movement which employs a very low-budget production where non-professional actors are used in improvised scripts where the focus is on personal relationships. On the other hand, the improvised dialogue, especially in the beginning when the two characters are first talking, although very realistic, is often boring, irritating and heavy-handed and can distract the viewer from what they should be hearing. Essentially, Quiet City is so realistic in the way the characters behave and interact, that it could very well have been a documentary about two strangers getting to know each other over the course of a day. Not everyone's cup of tea, but I found it nice for a change and I'll look further into the mumblecore genre.

Jacob G (gb) wrote: No strong feelings one way or the other, but I'd not object to seeing it sometime.

Katrina G (ag) wrote: I can't remember the last time I turned a movie off without finishing. Guess I don't have to anymore, though, since I watched this barren film. The one semi-redeeming moment in the movie (when Meyer is about to marry a horrible Canadian woman to gain citizenship) is washed away by another hour of mechanically delivered lines that lead to an awkward and very forced romance. I appreciate the patriotic though, but it's not the thought that counts in film. A giant, resounding "BOO!"

Jonathan d (us) wrote: I love this movie because of the music and the dancing...

Wassim S (us) wrote: The only 2 good things in this movie are Tamzin's legs. Script is very stupid full with unecessary violence in most unexpected places, performance is even worse, i would rather say the whole plot is dumb, the half star is only for the legs...

Minnie A (es) wrote: it's good if one likes africa and is interested in history....

Kevin A (ag) wrote: This was an awesome movie. A classic. To many, it might start off a little boring BUT the movie gets better towards the end. I almost cried at two of the scenes. I highly recommend this for people ages 12 and up. There is mild cussing and some children probably wont understand.

Private U (br) wrote: a movie about film theory and race with a thriller for wrapping paper.

Vincent G (au) wrote: The worst,most ridiculous movie ever made. Dan aykroyd have several good comedies but he crossed the line with this trash of cinema,

Michael A (jp) wrote: i gotta learn how to do that thing jim does with the jack cap!

RJ M (us) wrote: Here's a movie that, for many reasons, could never be made today. In its opening sequence, college students run all over campus with black paint guns, shooting at each other. The mere sight of something like that today would send people running a panic, and lead to endless highlights on CNN. The students are playing "Gotcha!", a game where they compete against others in an assassination-type game involving red paint pellets. One of the best players is Jonathan (Anthony Edwards), and it's about the only thing he's good at. When he and his lothario roomate take off on a European trip, he meets the seductive Sasha (Linda Fiorentino), that is all too willing to show him the ways of the world. What Jonathan doesn't know is that Sasha is a spy. Here's the other area where the movie couldn't be made today. Firmly cemented in 1985, the movie was made when the Berlin Wall, and communism split Germany in half. The plot simply wouldn't fly today. Sasha lures Jonathan to East Berlin, and ends up dragging him into a cat and mouse game with Germans, Russians, and any number of people that would just as soon kill you as look at you. Edwards is a likeable doofus, and comes across as a believable character who finds he has more wits and cunning that he gave himself credit for. The husky voice Fiorentino does two things in this movie very well...smoke, and get naked. The latter of which is surprising given the movies PG-13 rating. Director Jeff "Revenge Of The Nerds" Kanew makes excellent use of the Eurpoean surroundings. From tourist attractions to back alleys, the movie has a real feel that sells it far more than if they had gone the cheap route and shot it on a backlot. The movie does take a little while to get moving, and occasionally falls a little too deeply into slapstick when it comes to its humor. But it is a fun revisit to the 80's, and showcases when times were both safer and more dangerous at the same time.

Grant S (nl) wrote: Between making brilliant movies like Scarface and Carlito's Way and some fairly decent movies like The Untouchables, Casualties of War and Carrie, Brian De Palma makes mostly derivative, unoriginal stuff like this. His previous movie, Dressed to Kill, was clearly a Hitchcock ripoff, and more style than substance. This is a ripoff of Michelangelo Antonioni's Blow-Up, with a bit of Francis Ford Coppola's The Conversation thrown in. What is different to these is quite cliched - pretty much standard murder-thriller fare. There is more substance to this than Dressed to Kill though.Performances are fine though. John Travolta is solid in the lead role and Nancy Allen makes for a decent damsel-in-distress. John Lithgow is chillingly good as the villain.

Joao20 M (nl) wrote: Nota: 7.5/10 - 3.7/5

Panos Y (it) wrote: Very promising start, by the middle it has got its grip on you, but then the story does not know how to proceed or even what to deliver. Dissappointing ending, very unfullfilling.

Sean C (kr) wrote: Weird horror film, a kind of comedy scare fest with awkward moments, plot holes, and random gore. Never quite comes together, but certain scenes are excellent, so not a wholly wasted effort.