In the Deep Woods

In the Deep Woods

A friend of Joanna has been killed by a serial killers who leaves the bodies in the woods. A strange guy who says is a private detective: Joanna begins to fear he might be the killer.

Joanna mourns for her friend. She's victim of a serial killer, who's specialized on successful young women. He dumps their bodies in the deep woods without leaving any trace - the police is... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kenny N (jp) wrote: An entertaining, funny short animated film that Megamind fans of all ages will likely to enjoy.

Rafael B (de) wrote: very realistic, I wish I could've understood what the girl said a little better i couldn't quite catch her last lines, though she portrayed the part's behavior flawlessly

Gustavo A (kr) wrote: El cast es un All Star de (tele)novelas brasilenias. La historia es, digamos, algo como "Crash", pero ambientado en San Pablo -que ciudad fea-. El estilo esta muy bien, pero hay algo de desgano y le falta vida.

Josh M (fr) wrote: While most critics really love to hate on this movie, I absolutely love it. It really hit me emotionally and left a huge impact on me the first time I watched it. Denzel Washington gives a very impressive performance.

Tomas T (gb) wrote: Depth Charge tries hard to be a good action flick but ultimately falls due to bad acting. The story and script are the most basic stuff you can get, a nuclear sub is hijacked by it's XO who wants to lash his anger of not getting a command before he is taken by a deadly illness. What to do? Bring in the subs doc who just happens to be a full blown action hero ready to kick some ass.

jon m (it) wrote: my type of summer action type of film

jon m (gb) wrote: The special effects weren't bad but the camera angles and teh acting were just too strange. I wanted to like this movie but i just can't.

Richard B (ag) wrote: I liked this classic Woody Allen and it's honestly one of my favorite films of his filmography. It's a great film about New York and the people that live there. It's got its usual Woody Allen quirks and the love lives of the main characters are as weird as always, but I liked most of its characters. The music by George Gershwin is great and really affected how much I appreciated the film. Overall 'Manhattan' is one of Woody Allen's best and most enjoyable films.

Radio N (ca) wrote: Gamera is Really Neat! He is Full of Turtle Meat!

Aaron S (jp) wrote: Even better when you've just returned from your honeymoon in Kauai, where much of 'South Pacific' was filmed.

Niamh E (nl) wrote: Not bad for it's day, bringing the taboo of the affair to the spotlight. Yet i found none of the characters particularly compelling nor the plot enough to really capture my attention.

Brian S (nl) wrote: Adapting the life of one of Hollywood's first onscreen stars, the Silent-Era king of slapstick comedy Charlie Chaplin, into a big studio production makes a whole ton of sense with 1992s (Oscar Bait) biopic Chaplin. The production is grand, the cast impressively large, spearheaded with fine (if predictable) directing and all tied together via a classic story structure trope that will pull at the heart strings-an old Chaplin reminiscing about his life and speaking aloud for it to visualize in flashback-leaves nothing in the film feeling necessarily new, but it is executed well. Robert Downey Jr.'s performance of the charismatic Charlie (both young and old) is consistent across the lifetime he portrays him. Although Downey Jr. has the "look" of Chaplin-eerily channeling the former Vaudevillian when dressed in the classic "Tramp" costume to perfection-he unfortunately lacks the bodily flexibility that made the original Chaplin so enduring and funny. It wouldn't be as apparent if it weren't for scenes of Chaplin's actual films being shown. The contrast between the "real" Chaplin and Downey Jr. "acting" as Chaplin sticks out and one wonders why they didn't just re-create many of the scenes they show. This aside, part of the attraction of the film is to see Chaplin's thinking process and how it manifested on screen, showing that he was a visionary and a pioneer in the (literal) Wild West of moviemaking. Many of the things he went through in life become the catalyst of his inspirations-immigration being one of them, women another-but the way it is executed is problematic. The film merely teases what the real Chaplin struggled with; gifting him resolutions without much conflict. A problem is gone and replaced with a solution as often as Charlie has a new love interest beside him. As we see these glimpses of inspiration and drama, it is quickly shined over by some Hollywoodland glitz and glamour, resulting in Chaplin feeling like a Tinseltown fairytale. Although the film doesn't present the gravitas of consequence (like being banned from the United States for example), it is still an effective journey through the eyes of someone who just wanted to make people laugh and dream. When the lights turn on and the audience begin to leave the theater, Chaplin won't live up to its namesake's legacy, but for a peek into one of Hollywood's most esteemed individuals, you wouldn't expect it to be any less glamorous than Hollywood itself-a place where dreams are made of.

Kris S (nl) wrote: God Help the Girl (2014 Film)by Kris ScottGod Help the Girl is a British Musical and Drama film directed by Stuart Murdoch.The story follows Eve (Played by Emily Browning) who escapes from the psychiatric hospital where she is being treated for anorexia nervosa and makes her way to Glasgow, hoping to become a musician. At a gig, she meets James, a lifeguard and aspiring songwriter. He introduces her to his guitar student Cassie, and the three become friends.The director whose name you may recognise is known in the music world for being the lead singer and songwriter for the indie pop band Belle & Sebastian. His knowledge of this industry helps create a sense of realism within the film of a band going from nothing to becoming more like something.The cast to whom I don't really recognise are well selected and have perfect vocal talent from what I gather. As of theme it expresses ones self consciousness repairing itself. It also shows the creating and bonding of friendship with those who are interested in very similar hobbies.The bond that's shown between the characters is real and when it's broken the loss is felt by those connected through a television screen. The setting that Murdoch uses shows he has done his research or he went through the same thing.'I think I'll have to dance with Cassie cause the dream boy never lasts' catchy lyrics from an amazing but not perfect Scottish musical drama. What made it not perfect you ask, well, they could've had more bonding there is always more room for bonding between the main characters, the actor that played Anton. Personally I didn't think he was needed to be another conflict when she already had the personal ones and the conflict of becoming a musician.I'd give this film a solid 4 stars, due to it's well envisioned story with beautiful, aesthetically pleasing sets (with interesting late 80s-90s style of fashion) and also a shout out to the ned on the river side- a staple of scottish films!