In the Eyes of a Stranger

In the Eyes of a Stranger

An overworked woman encounters a pair of armed robbers on the subway home. When one of them is killed, apparently as he divulges the location of some stashed money to her- police place her in protective custody, only she is uncertain what the man told her prior to being shot as she was wearing a pair of headphone as the time. She meets up with a disgruntled cop (Richard Dean Anderson) who decides to join her in searching for the money. A strange twist makes their hunt possible.

An overworked woman encounters a pair of armed robbers on the subway home. When one of them is killed, apparently as he divulges the location of some stashed money to her- police place her ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mark Angelo C (ca) wrote: The finest on modern-day Philippine action.

Joon P (mx) wrote: One of the most amazing horror films I have ever seen. Eerie, bold, and expertly crafted for maximum tension.

Shirley L (ru) wrote: Highly recommand this movie.

Joe S (au) wrote: WOW.... these critics did not get it, nor did they watch it till the end!!!!!! OBVIOUSLY if you pay attention in the beginning you will completely understand and appreciate it!!! I am truly stunned by all the bad ratings.... that's like calling Wizard of OZ terrible because their are no such thing as talking lions.... LOL!.... Spoiler! HE IS DEAD! LOL!

John A (kr) wrote: Disappointed With This Sequel, As I Thought The Previous One Was Better Than The 2005 Blockbuster. This Is One Of The Few Sequels The Asylum Has Made, Without Any Push From Hollywood Sequels. Sadly This Is A Train Wreck Compared To It's Predecessor. Waste Of Time Viewing This. If You Want To View A Version Of Welles' War Of The Worlds Try The 1953 Version.

Derek M (nl) wrote: "Water for Elephants" is a distinctly moving film with great performances and a good storyline.

Tosif A (it) wrote: i like this very much

Victor L (jp) wrote: A pretty deep and dramatic tale of luck, betrayal and relations

Lasha G (br) wrote: Remarkable film , a view to the Taliban rule in Afghanistan from the Women's perspective. It's realistic and violent , There's no hope here, everything goes pessimistically, and the little girl clothed like a boy almost never smiles. Women are used to that patriarchal rule in Osama's society but Taliban makes everything even more difficult. There's a great episode at the end , when the european woman is sentenced to death and the man in crowd tells another "And Where ara the witnesses ?" , but there are no witnesses, it's tallib Judge who decides whats good and whats bad, They break shariat, they act autorithary , it's not just women under pressure but the men too, people here live with islamic justice but talliban sets dictature in the name of Islam and Allah, because of that I don't consider Osama as the example of women's being in Islamic Fundamentalist societies in 85% and I belive that the message of Siddiq Barmak isn't that either, it's just narrow local problem but also it's also a warning too for any other islamic Countries and societies not to let such unjust to raise and hurt people, hurt women. But the other 15% goes to a character of Old Mullah who's then wedded to identified Osama, and he's got 3 other wifes and all of them are cursing him as he's cruel Husband, and claiming that he has destroyed their lives and little girl is listening to that, crying and knowing she's unable to do anything. Mullah's character shows how big power will be given to such human being during the Islamic Regime, in his case not only taliban is guilty but the Islamic Fundamentalism itself. Great film for Art House lovers , serious and a bit depressive, not for Hollywood Action fans.

Kesha S (ag) wrote: Great inspiration for school

Andy T (de) wrote: Tense, suspenseful, and most of all meaningful, WarGames not only provides an excellent Cold War thriller (despite most of the humans in the movie are complete dumbasses), but also a powerful lesson about humanity.

Jay S (us) wrote: Badly dated, but Robards and Jean Simmons are both quite good.