In the Good Old Summertime

In the Good Old Summertime

In this musical remake of The Shop Around the Corner, feuding co-workers in a small music shop do not realize they are secret romantic pen pals.

Musical remake of 1940 "Shop Around the Corner" by Lubitch. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


In the Good Old Summertime torrent reviews

Mike B (it) wrote: Named to describe its audience. Bad acting, script, everything.

TobyLinn S (it) wrote: A gory horror/comedy that reminded me of 2,001 Maniacs. I didn't care about any of the characters, but the special effects were good and it was mildly entertaining to watch. I liked Nichole Hiltz's character Norma, she was interesting to watch and it was fun seeing Trace Adkins as The Man.

Simon M (ru) wrote: I Always Wanted to Be a Gangster is a subtle version of Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction. However, it is far more than a shameless copy, because it's cool in its own cute and humble way. Maybe the movie's a little too slow, but the charm and excellent cinematography deserve to be appreciated.

Bor P (us) wrote: Murder as absolute prove of love....

Ri A (ca) wrote: A well made copy of 1977 Clint Eastwood's The Gauntlet. What a shame that bollywood can't make a single movie on it's own.

DiAn D (us) wrote: Chris Eyre is becoming one of my favorite directors

Erin K (es) wrote: It would be a fantastic movie without Denise Richards.

Bill T (kr) wrote: Though it generally feels like a TV movie most of the time, The very unfortunately titled To Walk With Lions still is the best sequel to Born Free you could ask for (and they've done about 3 of them). Richard Harris plays George Adamson in the final years in his life. Years have gone by, and still is infatuated with lions. Fortunately, a young whippersnapper by the name of Tony comes by, and George sees a lot of George in Tony, can he take over? Somewhat cliched a bit, this still has a great, if somewhat curtain-chewing performance by Harris, and has a great story (I checked Adamson's bio, quite accurate to it).

Jess T (es) wrote: The cutest movie ever! I love the story.

D M (br) wrote: Not sure the reason behind the pluralization as there was only one ?toon? and he wasnt present nearly enough, but this was made up for with a liberal dose of (actual) boobs (including Monique Gabrielle!) for no real reason. David Carradine also demonstrates the method of his demise. The Necronomicon is delivered to a mansion which is being house-sat by 4 hot (but VERY eighties-looking) college girls. They page through it and release a demon who can change its physical appearance and it causes all sorts of problems (ever see a cartoon rape a live-action chick?). Lots of great moments in this horror-comedy. Pair it with Nightmare Sisters.

Jens T (au) wrote: Jan Troell's The Emigrants is probably the best films I've seen about the mass immigration to America. It shows us every details of the horrible place most wanted to get away from and to the unpleasant trip overseas where diseases killed people. The trip itself was hell. And this film express this so superb. It all looks, hears and feels authentically, every tiny detail. The film starts in Sweden in the 1840s where hunger, crop failure, bad winters, a wealthy upper class and a strong indoctrinating from the church is factors that gnawing into the poor farmers like the main character Karl Oskar (Max von Sydow) and his wife Kristina (Liv Ullman) and their horde of children. After many years of starvation and death of family members they decides to seek out for the promised land. Many others people from the same village also decides to go. But that's not the end. The trip itself is dangerous, with mounts at the sea in a tiny cabin where all kinds of diseases burst out. And when they finally reach land, there's more traveling, by train, by steamboat and by foot. compared with to days travelling where theirs still some complaints, just imagine how much more terrible it must have been one-hundred-and-fifty-years ago.The Emigrants is truly a great, if not the best film about the immigration to America. We get to follow the characters emotionally. We are allowed to share their horror, their amazement and their joy of discovering a new country and a new beginning, but there's also doubts as they gets deeper and deeper into the american continent and some are just to tired to make it to their destination. Max von Sydow and Liv Ullman delivers superb performances as if they were acting in another Ingmar Bergman picture. All the details, the perfect cast, the perfect mood and feelings, makes this an epic you don't want to miss. Thumbs up.

Carla S (kr) wrote: Hilarious. Love this era of Hollywood.

Samuel M (ru) wrote: Basket Case siempre ser una de esas pelculas de serie Z que se convirti en obra de culto por meritos propios. Cierto es que para los estndares del cine cannico es....una mierda en casi todos los sentidos. Pero realmente cuando la ves con otros ojos, la pelcula desprende una magia especial que solo alguien como Henenlotter poda producir.Si alguien se considera amante del gnero, tiene que ver esta pelcula al menos una vez en su vida porque sin duda es una experiencia especial.

Pablo L (de) wrote: De lo mejor en pelculas de accin que he visto en los ltimos 3 aos.

Lita T (gb) wrote: I have not seen Divorce, Italian Style... but truly enjoyed this little black comedy from the 60s in Sicily. Agnese is practically raped by her sister's fiance, and once her parents discover this all hell breaks out. It suddenly becomes a matter of her father wanting to cover up his daughter's defeated virginity and upcoming pregnancy. Daddy will do almost anything including setting up Agnese's sister with a toothless suicidal baron, plotting a murder of and an engagement to the dude who raped Agnese, arranging the kidnapping of Agnese... all to the end of preserving the family honor. Agnese of course foils most of her father's ideas by simply not cooperating. You wouldn't think a film called Seduced and Abandoned would be funny... but it sure was!

Waleed A (es) wrote: very funny with a good story. well made movie besides the comedy (about 2 viewings)

Jason T (us) wrote: A poor man's John Wick. Another direct to DVD John Travolta thriller that's predictable, dull, and offers very little originality. The cast is good and the pacing is fine but the movie doesn't offer anything we haven't seen before and done better. It's your typical direct to DVD film so keep your expectations low.