In the Name Of

In the Name Of

Hazen Kaine, an American contract killer living in Sofia, Bulgaria, gets more than he bargains for when he enters into a contract with the mob. One last job before he gets out and starts a new life for himself. The targets: the three children of royal billionaire Andon Dupont. Seems simple enough, or so he thought. Hazen apprehends the children, and before he can blink an eye, a simple necklace worn by one of the children sends his life spiraling back to medieval times. Now completely out of his element, Hazen fights for his life as he tries to escape a medieval army and a fierce fire-breathing dragon.

Adam is a Catholic priest who discovered his calling as a servant of God at the relatively late age of 21. He now lives in a village in rural Poland where he works with teenagers with ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Oscar G (ca) wrote: Extraordinario drama adolescente, que usa los das de la semana para desarrollar los mltiples conflictos que sufren los jovenes. Magnficamente dirigida, escrita y actuada, est genialidad vale mucho la pena.

Charlie W (ca) wrote: Very Good Superman Film Shows Him Not Holding Back And Confronting Very Powerful Enemies

Gregory W (ca) wrote: interesting combo of insider look at the film biz+a intimate family drama as a hard working producer juggles professional and personal life with mixed results the main actor reminds me of a young french robert deniro

Wut S (ru) wrote: Haneke's adaptation of Kafka's novel. It portrayed the hopeless struggle of K against the elusive authority extremely well. While the style is distinct from other films of the said directors, the actors and compositions gave clues. This adaptation kept true to the novel in a sense that the editorial add-on was not included, so the film, like Kafka's version, was unfinished. The cold grittiness of Kafka's world was illustrated with intense snowstorm shots and stoic furnishings. A successful film in how it achieved the bureaucratic obscurity (potent Kafka theme) but due to its incomplete nature, I cannot accurate rate this.

Wade H (gb) wrote: Wilson and Chan's chemistry drags loose plotholes and boring scenes. But the action is still the scene stealer with precise comedy.

Dan M (gb) wrote: Hey, what can I say, I am a sucker for nature gone awry and kills man movies.

Jason V (es) wrote: babe pig in the citybabe pig in the city

sabrina i (jp) wrote: Although slightly uneven and pretentious HIGH ART still manages to be an effective film about the power of love and the costs of addiction. Lucy is a washed up once-famous photographer who is now lost in a world of drugs. The apartment she shares with her girlfriend and other drug addicts is claustrophobic and stuffy. The addicts who occupy that space are like at a standstill; life is barely moving forward for them. A new day arrives but with little promise of anything new or exciting to shake up their world. They are crippled by their addiction and the sheer boredom that comes with it. When Syd arrives into Lucy's world she begins to acknowledge the cracks in her relationship with Greta and the stifling atmosphere of her life with her. Their only connection now is drugs and guilt. Although I'm not exactly sure what but it seems like something happened between Greta and Lucy that may the reason why Greta has such a strong hold on her. They are stuck in this poisonous relationship. Syd and Lucy share a love for photography and the art of it. Syd wants to become successful at her job for a magazine and wants to use Lucy's photographs as her vehicle to reach her goals. Although reluctant at first Lucy soon agrees to do a piece for them. Their relationship blossoms into love and their first intimate moment is as natural and realistic as I have seen in film. Although I wish film touched more on the anxieties and uncertainties of a new sexual awakening; this scene effectively captured some of it. Lucy is a fascinating person; well developed although some aspects of her character were left unexplored. The film only merely touches on the subject such as the struggle between an artists work and the business aspect of it. She left her work as a professional photographer because the pressure was too much to handle she tells Syd one day. However the deeper aspects of Lucy's inner turmoil is not explored furthur. Still; the characters ARE well written and human. The performances are excellent; the actors understand their characters and bring that understanding to their performances. Overall; HIGH ART is an haunting indie that stays with you long after.

Marcus W (ru) wrote: Back before Christian Bale became Batman, he used to sing and dance in crappy Disney movies.

Peter H (ag) wrote: Nice, atmospheric and emotional about life and change in a small Swedish rural community as a farm and a piece of land is inherited and taken over by two big-city outsiders; stirring up fear, intolerance and petty jealousies.

Margarita S (gb) wrote: A cute and humorous movie with a simple, albeit thin storyline. Nice comedic chemistry between Grant and Caron.

Tim S (fr) wrote: This film isn't bad, but fails to be anything more than that. The most interesting aspect is watching the cast age as the film goes on. The film was filmed a little each year for 12 years.

Nicola W (us) wrote: I enjoyed this way more than I expected. Was a bit like star wars with the aliens on mars.

Joseph D (br) wrote: I love all of the terminator movies!