In the Presence of a Clown

In the Presence of a Clown

Inventor Carl Åkerblom is a rosy-cheeked 54 year-old admirer of Franz Schubert - and a patient in the psychiatric ward of Akademiska Hospital in Uppsala, after having attempted to beat to death his fiancée, Pauline Thibault. Together with another patient, Professor Osvald Vogler, they set up a film project: the living talkie. Before long, they set off on a frantic tour with their film, "The Joy of the Joyous Girl"... Written by Fredrik Klasson

Inventor Carl Åkerblom is a rosy-cheeked 54 year-old admirer of Franz Schubert - and a patient in the psychiatric ward of Akademiska Hospital in Uppsala, after having attempted to beat to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Blake P (au) wrote: While one could point out that "The Thieves" is basically the Asian "Ocean's Eleven", by the end you'll basically forget that idea. Because "The Thieves" is a riotously entertaining heist comedy that sounds long (at 136 minutes), but truly is so delicious that it's tempting to say it falls under the category of a movie that you "never want to end". That might sound a little bit dramatic, but it's rare nowadays where a movie even touching action is actually fun instead of tiresome. In hopes to steal the famous Tear of the Sun Diamond, which is worth $30 million, two professional heist crews team up to pull it off. Lead by the mysterious Macao Park (Kim Yoon-seok), who appears to have an ulterior motive, the group plans a massively complex blueprint of how the heist will go, which takes place in a heavily guarded casino. Yet somehow, nothing goes according to plan. Grounded by an immensely likable cast, "The Thieves" captures our attention from the moment it starts, considering almost instantly it manages to wink at us and make us crack a smile. Most famous Asian cinema is either grounded in Kung Fu or art-house a la Wong Kar-Wai; "The Thieves" is a refreshing change. In an early scene, we're introduced to the middle-aged but wise "Chewing Gum" (Kim Hae-sook), and the beautiful Yenicall (Jeon Ji-hyun), both great thieves that are posing as mother in daughter in order to rob the owner of Leesung Gallery, whom Yenicall has been "dating" for months just to get her hands on the prize. In just this scene, we're also introduced to team leader Popie, and the acrobatics and smarts involved to pull off the theft. This scene is filled with comedy, action, and precious interaction between its characters; just by this early entry it's easy to tell that "The Thieves" is going to be a fun movie. The dialogue is all very witty and knows exactly where it's going. The characterizations thankfully aren't very deep, and we know enough about each character to where each antic is funny but also professionally done. Choi Dong-hoon's direction is light-hearted, and he evidently knows how to make the audience get what they pay for. While the action scenes are certainly all excellently shot (the ending is truly spectacular), there is plenty of legroom for comedy, and frequently the two combine. What truly carries the film, however, is the ensemble, all of whom appear to be having a wonderful time filming. The performances range from deadly serious to timed to comedic perfection, and it balances out flawlessly. Standouts include Ji-hyun, who's sexy, funny, but still believable as a determined cat burglar; Jung-Jae, presents us with delightfully silly physical comedy to distract us from the fact that his character is a terrible person. "The Thieves" is the second highest-grossing film of all-time in Korea, and it's easy to see why. It's 136 minutes of entertainment at its best. We might have "The Avengers" to brag about, but South Korea should boast about "The Thieves" too.

Lois L (gb) wrote: good story, great acting, very moving

Claudette A (it) wrote: A pathetic movie about motherhood. Sure Mums do one hundred and one things. But this movie was pathetic.

Michael V (us) wrote: BOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRINGGGG AND SSSLLLLLLLLOOOOOWWWWW..........Not one person gets killed. The only person who is in hell is the VIEWER!! The Director should be shot. Even the "sex scene" was ruined by "DRY HUMPING!!" Really??

Ugo C (jp) wrote: Very very lovely movie about love - enduring love. I enjoyed it immensely

Ibraheem H (ag) wrote: Upon watching Dogville one gets great expectations as to how well its sequel would be, I must say Manderlay is a slight disappointment, but only in comparison for one can never really be disappointed by a Lars Von Trier film. It's a bit quick-paced and more to the point, none of the mental exertions over vagueness veiling the moral questions of Dogville, that is revealed by Grace's realizations at the film's conclusion. The beauty of laying a town like Dogville on a stage set was its simplicity, it's very clear and clarified at the start, but Manderlay is not as simple and ordered, and a map to it is not constructed in the viewer's mind till half of the film is over. As for the issue the film addresses, this tiny box does not suffice. I'm all expectations (again) for the next town tale in Von Trier's America Trilogy, Hoping that the (A) is more of a (U) than an (S).

monsieur r (us) wrote: A refreshingly romantic comedy from John Candy as a friendly cop but all too single for too long guy. Not without a woman however he is dating for 8 years a woman he works for in a tire shop. He stumbles upon a morticians daughter who works on dead clients cosmetic appearance hoping to make it big in show biz or some other uplifting profession. Exceedingly shy she and Candy hook up for the usual romance save for his living with his mother way too long in his bachelor life. Torn between his widowed mother and this new love in his life he trys to satisfy both but the mother is so dominant he dare not offend her. Maureen O'Hara makes a great Irish mother. Would be interesting to know how she got cast in the film. Not the usual Uncle Buck character Candy is still great in a semi comedic role. I liked this film and it held my attention almost to the end. His favorite saying is being a cop has benefits and more than once you will see evidence of that. Not hilarious but has its moments.

Dustin G (au) wrote: Hard to get on board with a film that tells a tale that doesn't interest me, centred on dirk biking, which doesn't interest me, featuring characters who are at times broad caricatures and, for the most part, disgusting people doing disgusting things. I guess if these things interest the viewer and they don't mind the reprehensible nature of some of the main characters, you'll find things you enjoy. Verhoeven has made some fantastic films, he's also made some God awful ones, this one is God awful.

kyo 9 (ca) wrote: hard to follow the story line..kinda crap I guess..

Bryan C (us) wrote: An engaging, offbeat thriller that introduced the world to Natalie Portman.Grade: A

Randy P (fr) wrote: Original, crude, but hilarious!