In the Presence of Mine Enemies

In the Presence of Mine Enemies

In the Warsau Ghetto of 1943, one man's struggle to keep his family together leads him to the ultimate crisis of faith, and one final chance at redemption. Written by legendary 'Twilight Zone' creator, Rod Sterling.

A Rabbi in the Warsaw Ghetto in Poland in 1942 fights to maintain his stance of peace and acceptance of his fellow man despite the growing turmoil and atrocities created by the Nazis. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chloe C (ru) wrote: i didn't enjoy much of the conversations because they were rather crude. The two stars are for the scenes when they acted as tourists in front of a HK police - that was seriously funny.

Pamela K (ag) wrote: this movie deserves to be seen again. and again. lol its severly under-rated

Milly B (jp) wrote: After seeing it, that's exactly what I was thinking

Eliabeth W (mx) wrote: This was a pretty good movie that I would recommend watching, but preferably not in English. I didn't enjoy the way they did the voice overs, but other than that it was fine. In my opinion, the manga is definitely better and worth reading if you enjoyed this and want to see more.

Alenor L (au) wrote: one typical boring movie

Matt A (ru) wrote: Basically checked it out because i like Chevy but found it to be a fun if kinda predictable film. kids should enjoy it more than adults .

Donibscottctcisnet D (au) wrote: Naughty, bawdy, and more than a bit Britt when it comes to the humor this show can be right down slapstick silly!

Kat H (kr) wrote: Dark and uncomfortably funny at times though funny none the less.

Paul S (es) wrote: I love this movie. A young Gerard Depardieu does a wonderful job as the young thief. Tonnes of realistic (and real) S/M scenes with costumes that make the mind swim. If you're faint of heart, skip the abattoir scene near the end of the movie.

Sana S (fr) wrote: Was one of my favourite childhood movies, though I do agree that the whole dream sequence was a little terrifying. Just a little.

Farah R (de) wrote: It's cute. But not on a positive note.

Andy D (br) wrote: Having now seen this, it's clearly one of the most underrated movies that Hitchcock made. One of his later films (made in 1973) which also sees him returning to London to film, the film is darkly humorous, hugely suspenseful - as always - and much more overtly sexual than his previous works. It focuses on a man wrongly accused - as is often the case in Hitchcock's films - of murdering women around London, and his search to find the real murderer and reveal him to prove his own innocence. Brilliant, but at times disturbing stuff.

Sean C (kr) wrote: A throwback western, maybe the last of its breed. Popular in its day, it seems dated in a deeply depressing way; it is always looking back to a glorious time that was overrated all the same.

Julia M (br) wrote: Sad movie to watch. As a close friend of mine father was lost on this tragic day and is featured in a very minor role in this movie. They often leave to the side Port Authority officer Dominick Pezzulo meanwhile he is a key part of this event. The scene where they portrayed his death should have been spoken with the family before being so quick to say he killed himself, which is not true. Horrible movie, don't recommend.