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In the Void


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Matthew C (au) wrote: With more excitement and intrigue than the first installment, this sequel is often surprisingly enjoyable. I think a key reason for this could be that 'Monsters' doesn't have the annoying obligation to explain too much of this silly world with inane exposition. The movie does feature plenty of thematic and darkly comic material that feels ripped from the Harry Potter franchise (or any number of film series dealing with secret, fantastical worlds hidden within our own), but these moments are actually kind of refreshing when compared to the first film's rather mundane execution. The Cyclops kid was pretty interesting. There's some fun imagery too. If Monsters had a better climax with more finality and less setting up for the next installment, a compelling villain, and some better visual effects, I'd have enjoyed it exceedingly more. Without these elements, the film ultimately couldn't escape being just another run-of-the-mill, Young Adult fantasy adaptation.

Will L (mx) wrote: I laughed maybe once or twice. Even the premises that have promise struggle and eventually flop.

Wayne C (mx) wrote: Best watched drunk playing in the background. Good ole grandpa and his killer walker. Does wear tiring after a while though

Andrew P (ag) wrote: David Mamet's meditation on ethnic and spiritual duality might come across as another hyper-real talker, but that would be to miss all those gorgeous layers he loves to sneak in there. The performances are top-notch and the dialogue is so good you hardly even care that it's a little full of itself at times.

Mark I (ag) wrote: Conctivity and simultaneity presented in an intriguing format. Gives one pause in considering how everything is going on all the time and can easily approach chaos nd confusion as we get overloaded with narratives. Insome ways it takes the filmic version of a novel and gives it simultaneous continuity. One quiclkly realizes though how quickly visual overload can occur. Fortunatley, we only live our lives in one story at a time.

Dan H (es) wrote: Nothing special, ok.

Grant S (mx) wrote: Decent thriller. Original setting and plot. Good direction by Phillip Noyce: good build-up and tension is maintained well. Could easily have degenerated into usual psychological-drama/slasher-horror stuff but there are enough sub-plots and ebbs and flows to keep it interesting.On the down side, some parts of the plot feel contrived and implausible.Good work from Sam Neill and Nicole Kidman in the lead roles, and even Billy Zane is okay in his role. Interesting to note that this was Kidman's last movie before hitting the Hollywood big time (and meeting Tom Cruise...). Her next movie was Days of Thunder...

Dustin J (jp) wrote: This movie is great! It has some bad acting here and there and contains some cheeziness, too, but what horror movie doesn't? This movie even has some better gore scenes than movies of today. Awesome if you're into 60's/70's films!

Ethan B (jp) wrote: Looking back on this movie, it holds up really well. It may have been deemed mediocre in 1999, but in 2014 it's better than many similar films we get nowadays. It narrates itself well through a plot which is, in fact, quite intricate and could have been complicated if executed incorrectly. Fortunately, it moves briskly along the plot points and never leaves us confused or anxious. The only criticism I have with this film is the speed at which Sebastian and Annette fall in love with each other. It's almost too quick to be believable. It's not obvious, but for the over analyzer, like myself, it seems odd. Nonetheless, you can't get mad at this movie because of its alacrity--otherwise it would have been likely to be weighed down by unnecessary scenes. The ending was a little too "big" for the tone of the film, but I didn't hate it. You want to see Kathryn get what's coming to her, and she does. However, it would have been more effective and believable if it turned out that Sebastian was really alive in the end, driving away with Annette. The acting is impressive and it's fun to look at. Cruel Intentions lives up to its name in the best way possible.Twizard Rating: 90

Bruno V (gb) wrote: Kinda strange my idea , 7 best men for a wedding ? But there was something wrong with all of them so no problem ...Kevin Hart steals the show in this movie . Watched it with pleasure