In the Woods

In the Woods

Enormous tree trunks. The nature of leaves, the roots of desire and a house hidden deep in the forest. A journey to the other side. Something like a "punk" existential fairytale.

Enormous tree trunks. The nature of leaves, the roots of desire and a house hidden deep in the forest. A journey to the other side. Something like a "punk" existential fairytale. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robert B (ca) wrote: Though set against the background of the beautiful city of Prague, the feel of this intense drama is one of starkness, pain and coldness. It's a story of broken relationships and the heartache that must be endured to get through them. Mikkelsen and Stengade are in perfect unison as a husband and wife moving away from each other. And it also boasts some very strange humour. For example, whenever Mikkelsen asks for coffee, he gets beer, and when he asks for beer, he gets coffee. It's not played for laughs, just a strange quirk that was intriguing.

Niar B (gb) wrote: So here's the reason why I first wanted to watch the film: Jess Wexler. There's just something about her and I have a feeling she's going to hit it big. I first saw her in TEETH a few months back, which isn't such a great film but definitely one that everyone should see (it's a film about a girl who has teeth in her vagina...ya, you get where that's going). So anyhoo, ya, Jess, first reason. Second reason, plot. You can read the plot synopsis above but it intrigued me. I watch plenty of films and I really am a sucker for character development and well, acting. The actors work well together and it's great to have that honesty in films which we rarely seem to get. While we're on honesty, if you liked this film, you'd probably also like THE SAVAGES.Written and directed well, although and idie flick, it's one among the many that people should check out.Jess Weixler, let's see some more stuff out of you, good stuff. If you're ever in Tampa...

Dave G (kr) wrote: after seeing this can't wait til I see part 2 and 3

MF J (us) wrote: It's a nice film with a very retro vibe. The cast is brilliant, Gibson & Hunt have a great alchimy on screen. This isn't the ultimate romantic comedy but it's a funny one....

Dave J (jp) wrote: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 (1993) Sonatine (In Japanese with English subtitles) DRAMA/ CRIME Although, the plot is almost non-existent, it only serves as a backdrop for vdery effective silences and long pauses among it's situations, that has long time loyal member of a Yakuza (Japanese mafia), Aniki(Takeshi "Beat" Kitano) having second thoughts about entrusting his boss about going into seclusion at an isolated beach. While there, he forms an unusual bond amongst the unit he was supposed to lead. One of two of my favorite Beat Takashi films which consists hardly any dialogue, alot of physical movements and gestures!! There are no action sequences for all they do is just stand their and take it, such as firing of a gun - where no one ducks out of the way upon getting at. It's totally the opposite of what director John Woo has in his films! The chemistry is very subtle and rely on understandable images, the musical score is catchy and is great on the scenes that count the most. The total effect would be lost if the fast- forward were to be used while viewing, or if it were to be seen dubbed. This film was more popular overseas than on his native Japan!! 3.5 out of 4

Jack D (de) wrote: Only good think about this movie is Barbi Benton

Richard B (kr) wrote: 'If you like this you might like Fantastic Four? '. I doubt that. Is Richard Pryor in Fantastic Four? Of course he is not.

Josh M (de) wrote: The comradery between Washington and Wahlberg is excellent. 2 Guns is action packed, entertaining, and funny. I would not be surprised if there is a sequel in the works.

Page P (mx) wrote: this movie is not as bad as critics say. Yes it's not as suspenseful as the original, but it does show its effort in making this movie by adding gore, some terror, good acting, entertainment and towards the end is very good which persists to a creepy and edge of your seat terror.

Cesar V (au) wrote: Yul Brynner as Taras Bulba is enough reason to see this epic movie of honor, love, war and betrayal with brave and rowdy cossacks and arrogant Polish knights. A classic adventure.