In Their Skin

In Their Skin

A couple and their young son retreat to their woodland vacation home, only to face sinister neighbors who intend to kill them and steal their identities.

The Hughes cottage vacation is violently interrupted by a family on a murderous and identity stealing journey, in search of the "perfect" life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John B (mx) wrote: Interesting to watch the acrobatics and how they are able bring everything to life, but, didn't really follow the story the were telling

Linda S (ca) wrote: jean-claude van damme is an excellent actor

Michael W (ag) wrote: Two friends head to the wilderness where they confront three geriatrics trying to recover stolen money buried some 38 years before. Film suffers through some dreadful stretches, including a long scene at a university social that adds nothing to the plot.

Mickey M (it) wrote: The legendary "Sinbad" (voiced by Brad Pitt) is framed by "Eris, Godess of Chaos" (voiced by Michelle Pfeiffer) for stealing the "Book of Peace". But in order to prove his innocence, and to save the life of his friend "Proteus the Shapeshifter" (voiced by Joseph Fiennes), "Sinbad" and his crew, along with "Proteus'" girlfriend "Marina", who bought her way on board to make sure that "Sinbad" comes back with the book. The animation of this movie is simply fantastic. The colors are rich and sharp. The computer animation, which is mixed with classic animation, makes movement look very realistic and, in some cases, mystical. The cast is also fantastic. Every performance is believable, and the on-screen chemistry great. Usually, I find one bad performance, but in this movie, I can't find a single one. There is no violence in this movie, which is a plus for families with younger children. This movie also has its share of good comedy, and pretty good one-liners by some in the cast. I couldn't spot any plot holes in this movie. I could, however, notice that there were little to no scenes with the characters at "Syracuse" as "Sinbad", his crew, and "Marina" are on their voyage. In my opinion, this would be a good movie to rent for the family.

Lacy A (ru) wrote: Not bad... scary on the adoption scale

Kevin D (jp) wrote: Beautiful to watch the lives, hopes and dreams of 3 friends laid out across the decades in Moscow!

John M (ru) wrote: My kind of Western. So this is about a half white, half Apache man (Paul Newman) who inherits a property and moves back to civilization. He faces the scorn of some passengers on a stage coach due to his ethnicity, but the tables may be a turning when they find themselves needing him. I didn't know anything about this before I sat down to take the time, but I will always give a Western the benefit of the doubt, given the affection I have towards the genre. I was blown away with not only how good this is, but also how I've gone so long without ever hearing about this. Believe it or not, I'm really not all that familiar with Paul Newman's library; I've seen Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and I've seen the Hudsucker Proxy, but that's about it. I have to say, the man has an incredible screen presence about him, and it is the kind that makes you instantly gravitate towards him. He even manages to successfully pull off playing a half breed, which is nuts, because he is about as Aryan as they come. He plays one cool cucumber that has one-liners for days, and watching this movie really made me realize what helps the most to crafting the anti-hero: make him a man of few words. There are a few speeches Newman's character of John Russell doles out, but for the most part, he sticks to abbreviated responses of five words or less. It gives him an air of extreme confidence that makes you want to be that character. Apart from Newman, all of the other supporting characters are great, and you have a very memorable villain played by Richard Boone. You understand the dichotomy of the relationships of all of these passengers, and it helps to build this microcosm in this small little carriage. They actually have some pretty insightful commentary on race relations; I know here it is specifically Apache by name, but you could easily exchange any minority for the discrimination that these people are facing. This is a sleeper Western that not many people talk about; and I can only imagine that is because it's not 100% feel good (I don't want to get into spoilers). The print of this that is currently available in Netflix is in super-clean HD, and looks like it could've been shot yesterday. There's a brilliant scene smack dab in middle of this that just made me want to cheer, and this is a must-see for any Western lover.

Michael T (es) wrote: Chipper adaptation of the Rodgers & Hart stage hit features an amazing array of young talent and two good songs: "You're Nearer" and "I Didn't Know What Time It Was."

Grant H (de) wrote: Pretty good movie. The story takes a bold, yet fairly cliched, approach to the ups and downs of long-term relationships in an unstable time of one's life, and does so with a decent balance of comedy and drama (leaning a little heavier towards the latter), and features stellar performances from its cast, especially Moore and Belushi.

Moujan N (au) wrote: Some parts were not all

Karsh D (nl) wrote: Weird film as troubled girl becomes fixated with her neighbour and hides the secret of her baby sitting duties before it all unravels as the secret comes out.

Nigel K (ag) wrote: Much underrated cop drama led (and I do mean led) by Stallone himself. Even in the company of screen heavy weights De Niro, Liotta and Keitel. Packing an extra 40 pounds the Italian Stallion very much holds his own and for a brief moment reminds us he can an actor rather than the action hero.

Courtney j (ca) wrote: Entertainment from start to finish as the movie keeps a good pace. Tons of laughs throughout the film and a few great gags you'll be thinking about the next day.