In This Our Life

In This Our Life

A young woman dumps her fiancée and runs off with her sister's husband. They marry, settle in Baltimore, and Stanley ultimately drives Peter to drink and suicide. Stanley returns home to Richmond only to learn that her sister Roy and old flame Craig have fallen in love and plan to marry. The jealous and selfish Stanley attempts to win back Craig's affections, but her true character is revealed when, rather than take the rap herself, she attempts to pin a hit and run accident on the young black clerk who works in Craig's law office.

A young woman (Stanley Timberlake) dumps her fiancée (Craig Fleming) and runs off with her sister's (Roy Timberlake) husband (Peter Kingsmill). They marry, settle in Baltimore, and Stanley ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daniel P (ru) wrote: Loose adaptation of James Franco's short story collection of the same name is beautifully edited and scored, and features strong performances, though the script is a little messy. A strong directorial debut.

Adriana D (us) wrote: Just din't watch the movie without having read the book... You won't understand anything!

Evan R (gb) wrote: The Tillman Story does many things. It attempts to get to the bottom of what happened to Pat Tillman in Iraq, it tries to accurately portray the life of Mr. Tillman, it gives a voice to his remarkable family who never stopped asking questions. In short, it did everything the U.S. government utterly failed to do. And reminded us of how the government and the media screwed us all.

Green C (mx) wrote: One of the most terrifying films I've seen.

Jason S (kr) wrote: A great twisted score fiction film.

Doctor S (us) wrote: Very enjoyable mockumentary & modestly black comedy detailing the behind-the-scenes preparations, rivalries, and fatalities at a small-town Minnesota teen beauty pageant. The main competitors are Denise Richards, fitting in a role she probably played in real life as Becky Leeman the perfect daughter of the richest family and who says all the correct bland Miss America cliches, and Kirsten Dunst, perky as Amber Atkins who idolizes Diane Sawyer, fixes the hair & makeup of the bodies at the mortuary for experience, lives in a trailer with her boozy mom Ellen Barkin, and sees a pageant victory as a chance for a future beyond Mount Rose. Many amusing characterizations, from the girls in the pageant to the judges to the parents, without overusing too many hayseed stereotypes (and the ones they have are pretty bang-on.) Not as shrewd as the post-Spinal Tap Christopher Guest mocku-improvs, but not as understated either which generates a number of good laughs, like Barkin getting a beer can fused to her hand following an explosion, her best friend Allison Janney constantly hitting on the film crew, and a mass vomiting outbreak among beauty queens who ate some tainted seafood. But what really sells this movie is Dunst who through her innocent ambitions and sweet demeanor make you want her to win SO BAD - she's just GOT to beat that phony Becky Leeman, god don't you just HATE HER!?!

Joetaeb D (nl) wrote: I know what you did last summer has a premise with potential and a well talented teen cast. But all those elements aren't enough for the film's rote approach and generic slasher cliches

Kevin R (de) wrote: You're up against a mastermind.A police officer that just started his job comes across a brothel in France. He immediately takes action as everyone at the police station laughs at his first arrests. He did not know that most of the police force also used the brothel. He becomes smitten with one of the prostitutes and they quickly fall in love; however, the police officer decides to take on an alter ego to see if he can confirm it is true love and the prostitute isn't using him. "After that happened I didn't care what happened as long as I could feed myself and my little dog."Billy Wilder, director of Sabrina, Some Like it Hot, Sunset Blvd, The Apartment, Double Indemnity, A Foreign Affair, Witness to the Prosecution, and The Spirit of St. Louis, delivers Irma La Douce. The storyline for this picture is interesting and well written, as is the dialogue. The acting is wonderful and the cast includes Jack Lemmon, Shirley Maclaine, Grace Lee Whitney, Howard McNeer, and Cliff Osmond."You're asking for trouble my young friend."I came across this Billy Wilder film on Turner Classic Movies (TCM). I have definitely become a fan of Wilder's work. This was a beautiful story with some interesting and unpredictable moments. The execution is good and this is definitely a classic worth your time. "I feel so spoiled and so lazy."Grade: B+/A-

Ruth L (ag) wrote: One my favorite wartime musicals

Joshua L (it) wrote: aside from some of the acting this movie sucked!