Mikio Naruse's second adaptation of a novel by Fumiko Hayashi stars Hideko Takamine, the director's frequent muse, as bus conductress Kiyoko Komori, the youngest daughter in a family of squabbling half-siblings. All the children are products of different fathers, though they share the same mother: a tragically weak-willed woman named Osei (Kumeko Urabe). The familial tension only increases when the husband of one daughter dies and leaves behind a substantial insurance policy, so Kiyoko abandons them to their quarrels and makes a go of it on her own, though she finds she can't leave her mother behind so easily. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Inazuma torrent reviews

Eric E (fr) wrote: This could have been called, "The Longest Film." Uninteresting story of a lost, spoiled, irresponsible adult-child (Jason Bateman), who messes up a potential relationships with Beatrice (Olivia Wilde), and, seemingly, his only friend Dylan (Billy Crudup). Very slowly paced movie that has you wanting it to end. 20 minutes into it. Pass.

Hadiysarun R (ru) wrote: Love the sequel, George has always looks cute. Helping an Elephant to meet with with its family. Watch it over at HBO Family, while i have tummy cramp overnight =P what a great accompany!

Barbara J (de) wrote: Sweet, though awkward.

Jae L (au) wrote: it's not the best movie, but it has its charm and its moments. won a lot of lower circuit awards. enjoyed watching pat morita, even though he wasn't in it too much; i think because of his wig. i wouldn't recommend, and you'll probably run across it on ifc one day at 4am.

Ariel S (br) wrote: This movie was sweet. Tony Danza, as always, is perfect. The ending was sort of disappointing, though. I wanted more.

brett m (ru) wrote: not what i was expecting at all

Oliver H (au) wrote: ...unclear intentions make this film worthwhile! :-)

Simon P (fr) wrote: Vintage '80s slasher from "Bloody" Buddy Cooper which is majorly lifted by the excellence of Mark Shostrom's special make up FX.

Larry C (jp) wrote: SPOILER ALERTSoft hearted movie with a great ending. The kind of movie that everyone should live happily ever after.