A noisy and absurd re-telling of the great 1950 invasion of Inchon during the Korean War which was masterminded by General Douglas MacArthur.

A noisy and absurd re-telling of the great 1950 invasion of Inchon during the Korean War which was masterminded by General Douglas MacArthur. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matt H (jp) wrote: Takei is definitely fascinating enough to headline a documentary, but as as a documentary, "To Be Takei" just isn't very good. It's too disjointed in its narrative of Takei's life, and never really comes together as a story, either.

Katy W (ru) wrote: I liked this movie much more than I thought I would. It's kind of an updated but different version of "Beautiful Girls," which was wonderful.

FilmGrinder S (it) wrote: 77%Above average undead flick, but nothing you haven't seen before, unless of course this your first.

Brian H (mx) wrote: Almost as good as Princess Bride

Hayden G (nl) wrote: Ugly, unnerving, unsettling, disturbing, and mostly very beautiful. Some say it has no story, when in reality it has something like a handful, all very engaging, and all lying on top of and inside one another. Every now and then the spontaneous dreamy seduction gives way and you can see a lot of this is probably just Lynch farting around with his brand-new SD-DV camcorder.

Lisann J (mx) wrote: This movie is a douchebag

Melanieann D (gb) wrote: Maybe I wasn't expecting much, and when it comes to Ben Affleck in a starring role, does one ever? I was mildly surprised when I found myself actually enjoying 'Man about town'! Its good, lighthearted fun. Its not meant to be an Oscar winner, and never takes itself too seriously. It contains some hilarious one-liners delivered by a uniformly good cast. Rebecca Romijn is luminous in her role and pulls it off easily. Howard Hesseman enjoys himself thoroughly and Gina Gershon also shines in a small but pivotal role. The only disappointment is Bai Ling. Whoever thought she could act should be drawn and quartered!

Panagiotis K (ca) wrote: i loved it , definetely one of my favourite movies i have seen

Gordon H (br) wrote: A neo-noir dystopian science fiction thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat!Loosely based on Isaac Asimov's collection of short stories with the same name, I, Robot tells the story of a 2035 Chicago police detective, Del Spooner (Will Smith), investigating the apparent suicide of the respected co-founder of U.S. Robots and Mechanical Men (USR), Dr. Alfred Lanning (James Cromwell). Helping with the investigation is robopsychologist, Dr. Susan Calvin (Bridget Moynahan), who has looked up to Lanning throughout her life as a sort of second father. As the pair follow the trail of breadcrumbs left behind by Dr. Lanning, it becomes obvious that there is something dreadfully wrong with the three laws of robotics...I re-watched this 2004 thriller recently and remembered how much I enjoyed it. The depiction of the future and how robots can help us in our every day lives was really fun! If you haven't seen this futuristic crime thriller yet, I recommend it! Will Smith is fantastic and does a great job as cynical Det. Spooner, who really has a great reason to mistrust robots in general. He is one of my favorite actors and this is the kind of action movie role that he excels at! Moynahan is terrific too. If you love summer action movies, this is definitely one to see!

Andrew N (ag) wrote: Not the greatest comedy in the world but highly underrated. The humour while not outright hilarious is charming and good old fashioned dumb fun. An A list cast doing their best given the circumstances.

Mike N (es) wrote: it kept me interested and was filmed well.. but overall it felt like a waste of time story wise...

Joel A (fr) wrote: A striking & slick French Classic that follows the journey of deserted soldier played perfectly by Jean Gabin, who finds himself at a bar at the end of the pier at Le Havre.Filled with atmosphere & much fog this film had terrific characters that filled this unusual isolated world.Things really heat up when the soldier meets the dame, a terrific romance that is not conventional & no doubt a major inspiration & influence for Casablanca in 1943.

James H (kr) wrote: Amazing, considering it was made in 1932. The special effects are great, and the color production, so unusual for the time is awesome. The story is a bit hokey, and the acting is a little over the top, but it is fascinating to watch and a real piece of cinematic history.