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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:75 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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Nick S (ru) wrote: I've created this Rotten Tomatoes account solely to write a review on this movie and the prequel as I think they haven't been given enough credit. First of all, no, this is not a disappointing sequel, in fact it's a great one and Jon Garcia did a marvelous job in making it realistic and not the clich kind of gay-movie continuation. The first movie reflects so many experiences and thoughts that I've been going through throughout my life and I think most of other religious people's lives, even though we may not be Mormon. And that was what made it really close to heart and made it an almost realistic drama that had me attached to the characters as if they're myself.Testament of Love touched me way more than the first one did though, as the movie narrates basically all of my life expectations and vague planning that I have been developing since I found out about myself. I am a religious Muslim man and have been struggling with my sexuality for a long time now and I haven't came out to anyone. Due to my strong faith in God, I have been relieving myself by saying that this is one of the strongest challenges God can give to His servants and that I'd get the best of rewards in the hereafter for going through this on the right path until I die. And In Islam, God doesn't specifically condemn the feelings of homosexuality and He'd only give worldly challenges that the servant can bear.Because of that, this movie speaks to me like no other movie, or even, no other person has before. The main characters resonate a strong emotion of love, guilt, sadness, frustration and hope without needing lengthy or even detailed dialogue. And the fact that the RJ and Chris had gone on separate "lifestyles" that are common choices to Religious gay men, just screams to me about the (frustrating) realities of my life expectations as a Religious gay man.Moreover, I love the grayness of the plot and characters of this movie such as RJ's strong faith in God even though he's not a practicing Mormon anymore and the complex scenes where the gay- relationship, family and religious issues are being tackled. The characters in this movie are individuals, and even though they are tied to certain societal and religious views, they have their own individual thoughts. And that's what I really love. It makes the movie really realistic.Yes, some may say the movie is quite too long and a bit draggy, but I don't mind that as those are what makes this movie life like and not just another gay-problem-suicide or gay-coming out-happy/unhappy movie. And I don't mind the length as I really want to know more about their lives, even if they're fictional. Thus, I applaud the director, producers and actors for producing such a realistic, close to heart (and much more cinematic) movie and I really hope that you guys can make another sequel, perhaps for a proper closure to myself and the other viewers, and to relieve my already bad movie-depression that I'm having. By the way, I regretted not watching this movie and the prequel much much earlier.

George P (it) wrote: If this film was a person it would be a retard satisfied at crapping his own pants. It leaves you with a feeling much like having a whitey on a toilet and waking up covered in vomit with your pants around your ears and a sore ass. I hate everyone in it and everything to do with it. Stephen Cragg the director could do the world a favour and fuck off. The main character was stupid, the other characters were irritating beyond belief and the twist at the end was about as exciting as a bout of impotence.

Daisuke A (us) wrote: Keeps you in suspense throughout the film. The last five minutes boggles your mind.

mike k (au) wrote: A fairly lacklustre effort at apocalyptic fiction with 'end-times' overtones. The performances from some of the cast are pretty good, but are severely marred by a rather unsatisfactory (and unconvincing) job from the actor playing the drunken politician (whose name escapes me). There's bit of a twist, but the editing needs a lot of work, with certain sequences repeated over and over that are presumably intended to create a shock value...but just serve to annoy. The scenes of an empty London reminded me very much of '28 Days Later', but unfortunately, that's about where the comparisons end.

MArk B (au) wrote: A poignant and astonishingly confident piece of film-making, part road movie part documentary, set and actually filmed at the time of the 2006 bombing of Lebanon by Israel. Much of what we see is undoubtedly unscripted; few of the characters are actors; their grief, their stories of the wars and their political views are palpably realistic. While by way of a soundtrack, radios and Tv sets perpetually bark the kind of casual body-count statistics which we're all familiar with in the west, we finally get to see precisely what they all mean. An sometimes warm, occasionally very harrowing, often worrying anti-war film like no other.

Ken H (nl) wrote: The single best portrayal of Jesus I've ever seen by an actor, but the single worst Jesus movie I've ever seen. This movie was dull, and uninspiring. But the role of Jesus and his acting were incredible. Worth sitting through just for that.

Joe D (ag) wrote: Fun, fun movie with a lot of laughs.

Justin B (it) wrote: One of my favorite documentaries featuring my favorite "entertainment" too watch when I was a kid. Beyond the Mat featured my favorite superstars in and out of the ring, showing that it isn't all fun and games. I bet I would of even enjoyed it if I didn't even watch wrestling. Seeing the movie probably would of made me get a more positive look on wrestling, but already knowing that wrestling was scripted, it still was a good watch.

Jim H (it) wrote: As a twenty-dollar bill circulates, various classes of people assign it differing values.American class differences reveal themselves in this fine but didactic film. The conceit is interesting enough, and the stories and characters are all engaging, from the thieves to the engaged couple, but when it all comes together, in a haphazard Altman imitation, it's hard to discern that we've seen anything new or remarkable.Overall, this is a good concept, well-executed, but not as "important" as it might think.

Antonio A (it) wrote: Oh the Italians in Italy. A great adaption!

Jeff B (jp) wrote: In taking the iconic character's fight to the streets, the unnecessary part V Rockys and rolls the franchise into an uninspired and boring corner. This one still smarts. Throwing out the boxer with the bath water, Stallone's fourth Rocky sequel strips away the character's riches and, inadvertently, his underdog cred. Amazingly, it's not the betrayal of a back-stabbing protg that forces the Italian Stallion to fight but the fact that his son loses faith in him. Like Rocky, it comes to down to what's most important in life over winning...which should've ultimately involved walking away from a fight that's beneath him. Instead, our iconic hero refuses a bite of humble pie and reduces himself to fighting outside of a bar, which pretty much sums up where the worst film of the series takes the franchise: the gutters. In this PG-13-rated sports drama, reluctantly retired riches to rags boxer Rocky (Stallone) takes on a new protg (Tommy Morrison) who betrays him. The guiding hand of John G. Avildsen, returning as director since helming the first and best of the franchise, adds nothing to this dull cheap shot. In all fairness, with a script this poor, the film's downward spiral is a phenomenon beyond his control. Blame the writer. In need of a hit after numerous flops, Stallone makes his bed with a sloppy story that tries returning the champ to his roots and reverting him back to square one where he was at the outset of chapter one, in effect. Only he has Adrian...unfortunately, Shire doesn't seem to have the same fight in her anymore, which is probably why her character ends up getting written out of the follow-up, Rocky Balboa. Her beloved character's arc is long done. Meanwhile, Stallone's real-life son, Sage, assumes the role of Rocky Junior, impossibly aging the character 7 years since the last film even though this chapter picks up immediately after the events of IV.Bottom line: Raging Bullsh*t

Sarah J (br) wrote: Everyone should see this film. It has a little something for everyone.

Gail R (jp) wrote: I really enjoyed this movie. And surprised by all the poor reviews. I do agree with most that the Victorian love story was what kept my interest and the modern day couple's search for the truth. But the modern day couples love story I think was weak and needed more support. Still a movie I would watch again because I am hopeless romantic.