On a strange island inhabited by demons and spirits, a man battles the forces of evil.

On a strange island inhabited by demons and spirits, a man battles the forces of evil. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Juvy C (gb) wrote: Cute then ang story . . . Seen it.

Barry W (au) wrote: Okay, okay. I'll admit it. I had a good time with this movie.


Justin O (de) wrote: A rip-off of Lethal Weapon, minus everything that made it good.

Nemo P (ru) wrote: Feels like a Hammer film, which is a very good thing.

Rachael H (de) wrote: An entertaining, character driven drama. It has some very coolm 80s music and a real sence of style. Not sure if I like the open-ending, but its' a very interesting turn of events. Chris Stafford is awesome as Eric, the main protagonist.

Aliya D (mx) wrote: Set in New France, Quebec in the year 1634, director Bruce Beresford delivers a powerful and cinematically gorgeous film dealing with the cultural devastation wrought upon an indigenous culture by well meaning but somewhat naive and narrow-minded Jesuit missionaries evangelizing the Canadian Northwest. The story centers around a young Jesuit missionary, Father Laforgue (Lothaire Blutheau), who is sent on an ardous 1,500 mile journey into Huron (originally known as the Wendat) territory to aid in the task of converting the Huron people to Christ and his Church. Escorted by a small group of Algonquin Indians and a young Frenchman named Daniel (Aden Young), a long and dangerous path lie ahead. The cultural differences between Laforgue and the Algonquins' are pronounced and animosity towards the Priest is almost immediate. They begin to question his "strange ways" and his dark attire and wonder whether he is a demon sent to destroy them. Instead of addressing him as Father they refer to him as "Black Robe." Along the way Father Laforgue slowly and begrudgingly begins to understand and appreciate the Indians as people and not just potential converts, but cannot reconcile their spiritual beliefs with his own. His inner doubt and turmoil are in stark contrast with the natural beauty of the land and the communal, harmonious spirit displayed by the Algonquin's accompanying him. Father Laforgue may survive the dangers and hardships of the wilderness, but will his Christian faith survive the challenge of cultural diversity and the honest and open nature of those he hopes to save? The people who ask him the all important question, "Do you love us Black Robe?" Joining Lothaire Blutheau is a wonderful cast which includes: Aden Young (Daniel), August Schellenberg (Chomina) and the incredibly beautiful Sandrine Holt (Annuka). The film also contains an enchanting soundtrack by the late composer George Delerue. Side note: Black Robe is based on a novel of the same title written by the late Brian Moore, who also wrote the film's screenplay. Moore's idea for the plot of his novel and most of the details he used within it came from the Jesuit Relations, a 17th century chronicle of the day to day events of the North American mission of the Society of Jesus in the newly born Canadian colony. While the Relations' main purpose was to describe successful conversions, miracles, and battles fought against Satan, they are also one of the most important historical records of the lives and customs of many American Indian tribes (like the Algonquins, Montagnais, Stadacona, Iroquois Nation, Huron aka Wendat etc.) who are now mostly decimated and/or extinct.

Shane F (kr) wrote: Enjoyed the quirky characters in the movie. Fun to watch & don't have to think to hard

Aj V (fr) wrote: A swashbuckling vampire tale, I love it. This movie is very cool, it's about a vampire hunter back in the old days, and he travels to this town to slay the vampires. I highly recommend this Hammer horror movie.

Alejandro E (nl) wrote: Emotive Ferrell in the downfall and rebirth of a boozer natural born loser.Good choice for a weekend

Onkel B (it) wrote: It's a small world.......