Independência ou Morte

Independência ou Morte

The dream of Brazilian independence, under Dom Pedro I, is expressed in the cry of "Freedom or Death" (O Grito de Independencia ou Morte), since cries were the only way to rally up support ...

The dream of Brazilian independence, under Dom Pedro I, is expressed in the cry of "Freedom or Death" (O Grito de Independencia ou Morte), since cries were the only way to rally up support ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jake A (us) wrote: With a solid lead performance by Radcliff this film gives us a glimpse into the dark and hateful world of white supremacists. It also has a solid plot, the supporting cast is good (with Toni Collette putting in the second best performance in the film), there are some genuinely tense moments mixed in with shockingly hateful views and even though it could have delved deeper this is still an entertaining thriller that is unfortunately relevant with white extremism being as dangerous now as it has ever been.

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Liliane S (us) wrote: I am not a big fan of Terrence Malick. I did not like The Tree of Life a few years ago, and here again I cannot say I enjoyed Knight of Cups very much despite the amazing cast. Some people call this movie experimental and spirited. I think it is relatively flat and slow.