Independent Intervention

Independent Intervention

Arguing for the need of an independent media, Tonje Hessen Schei examines the US media's covering of the war in Iraqi.

Arguing for the need of an independent media, Tonje Hessen Schei examines the US media's covering of the war in Iraqi. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Saud A (kr) wrote: Average action movie

Lucy H (gb) wrote: Great film! It could happen ! Laura Linney is always brilliant if any if you haven't seen the Big C check it out she's great in it!

Dillinger P (fr) wrote: It's almost impossible to think of anyone who didnt sit is sheer disbelieve at their tv screens, radios and windows on September 9/11 2001. Hailed as the worst terrorist attack ever, the world stopped and we all felt a sheer disbelief at the events of those day. Now although since then barrage upon barrage of controversy and conspiracy theory now shrouds the events of those day and to what extent of their true nature it really depends on who you speak to. However United 93 isnt hear to lecture us on government plans, terrorist organisations and conspiracy, it exists solely to recreate the experience we all felt that day and more importantly the effect of everyone involved. United 93 is not an enjoyable movie, this is not a fitting dedication to the atrocity, this is outright stressful to watch. Basically we jump between the terrorist attackers of UN93, the air force, the FAA and the regional air traffic controllers who were on duty that morning, where 4 US commercial planes were taken from the pilots and used as missiles into the Twin Towers, Pentagon and in this films case the botched Plane that crash landed due to passenger interfierence. Paul Greengrass sticks with his hand cam style which adds a sense of realism and immersion for a piece that could easily be approached in the wrong way. This style makes you feel like a participant rather that a film goer, to that we must give it credit, this film is truly immersive and even though we know the outcome, we still sit praying the last surviving plane makes it out alive. Luckily Greengrass also decides not to focus heavily on any designated character, rather he gathers huge ensemble actors, to play out the very realistic and spiralling out of control sequences, hats off to him for orchestrating such a feat and not coming across as one sided or ham fisted. Even the terrorists, although clearly the bad guys, still feel human and their actions completely believable, rather than typical antagonist stereotype. Because of all this though, the film suspends the movement of time, meaning that what essentially is just under 2 hours worth of film, feels like an enternity to end because you are so stressed out while watching it. There is so much going on it helps that it bounces between the segments we need to seen, however the film does spend an awful lot of time gearing up, its not a major gripe but it would have been interesting to see this film play out solely from the perspective of the flight itself. Thus cutting some time off and honing in the experience. that aside it captures everything in an honest and as unoffensive manner as possible. I condone this, too many films are quick to fly on the almighty America band wagon and its good to see someone take a more human and less gung ho attitude towards the subject matter. It's tasteful and stressful and definately not a film i would watch over and over. However as a harsh reminder of a horrible time, this film pretty much hits the nail on the head.

Erwan C (ag) wrote: le monde de la gymnastique dans l'ancienne hongrie communiste, on prend une baffe

David S (ca) wrote: A truly surprising twist at the film's half-way point opens the door to a rather tense and clever Hitchcockian thriller with a climatic set piece on top of a lighthouse... yet the pacing is so sluggish in the first half that its a chore to even get there.

Cha t (gb) wrote: Ozu made this movie twice, the first one was a silent film. This adaption hold very close to the original story. Like most Ozu stories, this one touches on human realations and emotions. Well done, Always good to see Machiko Kyo (Rashomon, Tales of Ugetsu)

Daniel W (kr) wrote: Steven Seagal is the most consistently bad actor in the history of cinema. As of the end of 2009 he's been in 36 films, none of which are good and only one of which isn't terrible (Under Siege, as if anybody could care less.) To be fair, I haven't seen them all, but I sure as hell feel like I have. If you've seen one, you've seen 'em all and they all suck. He's so one dimensional and it's not like it's even a good dimension. As for Belly Of The Beast. Same same...

CC B (gb) wrote: Tough it has an interesting premise and a great performance by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Brick deserved a better script and is an unsatisfying experience.