The story starts in the 1930's at one of the largest rubber-tree plantations in Indochine (Vietnam). This plantation is owned by the French colonist Eliane, a proud woman who lives with her father and her native adoptive daughter Camille. She doesn't have a husband or a man in her life (apart from her father), but gets to know the young officer Jean-Baptiste when both want to buy the same painting at an auction. They have a short affair, but then she refuses to see him again. In the meantime it's Camille who has fallen in love with Jean-Baptiste and Eliane knows it. She makes sure he's sent to one of the most desolate outposts on some remote island, making sure that the two will never see each other again. Camille has no choice, but to marry the man she was promised to, but in the meantime she starts a search to find the man she really loves.

This story is set in 1930, at the time when French colonial rule in Indochina is ending. An unmarried French woman who works in the rubber fields, raises a Vietnamese princess as if she was... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vivian G (ag) wrote: It was an ok movie about things that could go wrong at a bachelorette party like the wedding dress gets dirty.

Walter M (nl) wrote: Even though "Laurence Anyways," is about the title character(Melvil Poupaud), a transgender teacher and poet, the movie is in reality not so much concerned about gender. Rather, it is about transformation in general, as it charts ten years in the life of her and her long time girlfriend Fred(Suzanne Clement), a production assistant for movies, during the 1990's while charting the evolution of their ever changing relationship. As such, writer-director Xavier Dolan shows marked improvement in his visual presentation with several very memorable images. For example, the first time Laurence walks through a school hallway in women's clothes has to be one of the bravest things a character has ever done in a movie. At the same time, I'm not quite sure "Laurence Anyways" warrants its epic length, just as much as Dolan seems to reference the 80's more than the 90's.(Look, I may not know fashion or hairstyling but I do know a 1981 Duran Duran song when I hear one.)

Michael M (au) wrote: I never thought I'd find a movie that got 0% on RT but here it is. I'm not going to lie, there were a couple scenes in this movie I found hilarious but I can imagine I'm in the minority with this one. Christina Ricci is hot though and there are some boobies.

Marie D (fr) wrote: great movie ! 2 girls in love, very soft, very cute , slow , very asian and naive

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Amanda C (fr) wrote: One of the first movies that comes to mind when I think of a good drama

Manu G (br) wrote: You are what they eat.The movie is just okay. I'm seeing all Leonardo DiCaprio film's and this was one of his earliest work. His role is not so serious or talented wise(director's fault), this movie is just funny. We all know the basics for the story, and this has nothing new. But I love low budget horror & sci fiction camp classics ... so I forgive this one. The third in the tongue-in-cheek horror series liberally cribbed from Gremlins (1984) features an early performance from future heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio and was filmed simultaneously with its follow-up. This time out, it's an urban family who picks up one of the fast-multiplying beasties while on vacation, although they are warned by Charlie (Don Opper), a veteran of the creatures' earlier attacks. Once widower Clifford (John Calvin) and his kids Annie (Annie Brooks) and Johnny (Christian and Joseph Cousins) return home to their apartment building, the critter begins to reproduce, and the tenement becomes overrun with diminutive, hungry killers. The first to go is cruel superintendent Frank (Geoffrey Blake), but others soon follow, including the unscrupulous landlord, whose son Josh (DiCaprio) finds romance with Annie. With the appearance of the resourceful Charlie and the heroics of Clifford, the critters' days are soon numbered. Critters 3 was directed by Kristine Peterson, a veteran of the Roger Corman school of no-budget genre filmmaking.

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