Bollywood 1958

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1958
  • Language:Bengali
  • Reference:Imdb
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Indrani torrent reviews

Erik G (es) wrote: One of the best movies I've ever seen and one that is almost totally unknown. In 1919 Paris, four American fliers, shattered by their experience in World War I, drink themselves into oblivion. There is little real story, and much of the film is the characters revealing (or not revealing) themselves through conversation. It's very similar to those two great 90s indies about Americans in Europe, Before Sunrise and Barcelona. It's so similar to those and so unlike other 1931 films, it seems utterly out of time. A superb film about alcoholism, life after war, the expat life, the death wish, and the Lost Generation.

Karin S (nl) wrote: To fall in love, excellent experience between dad und daughter .

Myrnamarie C (jp) wrote: I LIKE WINX CLUB WHEN I WAS A KID

Trevor W (nl) wrote: *English Subtitles*Waltz with Bashir is an animated documentary about a man who interviews several men who fought with him in the Middle East in order to try and explain a recurring dream he has. The stories are darkly fascinating and are matched with an equally dark animation. The use of animation is not just a decision of film technique, but rather used to contrast it's shocking, terrifying, depressing, and powerful conclusion.

Kenneth E (ag) wrote: First, the trailer makes it look like it's going to be a thrill ride, but it doesn't show anything from the first half of the film. This film is just weird. I spent half the time trying to figure out whether or not the guy was crazy or just a loner. Just so you know, it's not about a killer clown. It's about a guy writing about a killer clown. I'm still not sure if any of the murders actually happen or if they are all in the guys head. It's confusing as hell. But I will say that it was a lot better than I expected, but I didn't expect much.

Sofie P (es) wrote: Yuck. This movie was incredibly boring and predictable, while being confusing and leaving SO many plot holes. I hated it. I also personally believe it is much too scary for young kids to be watching, especially towards the end. It lacked good storyline and characters. Nothing about this movie was appealing to me.

Marcus W (ca) wrote: This is a fun take on the "I'm not going to take this shit anymore, grrrr!" genre. Away from zombies, Romero has made some smart little flicks. This is one of them.

Vincent W (it) wrote: All right. I just finished watching this now, so it seems like a good place to start. Martin Fallon (Mickey Rourke) is an IRA terrorist who, in an attempt to blow up an army truck, ends up blasting a school bus. He becomes disillusioned and leaves the IRA, heading to London to obtain a passport and passage out of the country. He is met by Jack Meehan (Alan Bates) and his brother Billy (Christopher Fulford) who give him one last hit. He excecutes it, but is witnessed by Father Michael DaCosta (Bob Hoskins). So, Scotland Yard is after Fallon, Meehan is after DaCosta, and to make matters worse, the IRA want Fallon back something fierce. With nowhere else to turn, Fallon seeks absolution through DaCosta... It's a little hard to find, but definitely worth seeing. It hits all the bases: violence, suspense, emotional drama, and hits them quite well. It captures the spirit of Jack Higgins' novel perfectly. This movie gets my recomenndation, for sure. Just watch out for Rourke's deadly Irish accent, worse than Richard Gere's in The Jackal.

Sean C (kr) wrote: Too boring to be funny in that bad sort of way.

Jacob F (ca) wrote: While a minor work, this displays Sturges incredible balance of satire, humanity, sentimentality, and comedic realism.

Timothy H (us) wrote: i really glad i saw this its very interesting to see an movie like this and its when Highmore started his career.

Kasannie T (kr) wrote: The slip in the franchise continues very disappointing