Jessie and Susan, and Chloe and Beth, who spend the weekend together and realize they are with the wrong partner. Susan and Beth were college roommates who are having a reunion at their former school. Susan travels up to Oregon with her current partner Jessie. Jessie is jealous of Susan's relationship with Beth. However, when Jessie meets Beth's partner Chloe, she is overwhelmed by her instant attraction to her. For Chloe, the feeling is mutual. It's a drama that doesn't take itself too seriously. When Jesse and Chloe are left alone together, their physical attraction overwhelms their better judgment and makes for some entertaining viewing

Two women, once a lesbian couple and now just friends, leave for a seminar together. Their current girlfriends, left to their own devices, fall for each other and begin a desperate steamy affair. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Raymond C (fr) wrote: Very simply done with an outstandingly Charming and EVIL J.C.V.D.!

Thomas H (au) wrote: kind of like eternal sunshine, but much stranger

Romain Eric B (it) wrote: Well, lots of money wasted.

bill s (us) wrote: Murky,muddled thriller that waste two top talents on this pure drivel of a thriller.

Lora R (es) wrote: Kanchana started off ordinary and I didn't think or expect much of it. It was funny in the beginning. As the story started to unfold it got better and better. I can't say that it was really scary, but it did have some scary elements.I liked Lawrence's performance and Sarathkumar was awesome!Kanchana turned out to be better than you would first expect. The story was funny, scary and emotional.

Marlon A (us) wrote: Great Brazilian film, but why must they all in tragedy. Jeeze...

Alec B (nl) wrote: An amusing parody of sport films that revels in it's own cruel insincerity. Mashing the absurd crudeness of Stone and Parker with the goofiness of Zucker works really well.

Adeoluwa A (us) wrote: Great Movie, You never would thought that Uncle Joe could walk.

Dena S (es) wrote: It's an other era. I liked the color, the music, the actors, it was fun to watch.

Jeff B (fr) wrote: Cinematographically and thematically quite lovely, but overall too boring for me.

Clay B (de) wrote: IF A MAN ANSWERS (1962)

Sarah H (au) wrote: I love this series but I think this is one of my favorites.

Sylvester K (ca) wrote: Spin-off is as good as the TV show. The idea of sending Twilight Sparkles to the human world was very well crafted. The animations and character design were exquisite, the plot was nice. The musical numbers were catchy. It paid a great deal of homage to the first episode of the series which was a nice surprise. Nearly all the major characters from the TV show were in the movie. However, I do complain that the high school setting was slightly far-fetched, but again, it's a movie for kids. MLP forever!

Dan H (kr) wrote: A pitch-dark drama about zombies, but it's not a zombie film. Both Kristen Holden-Reid and Emily Hampshire are great, and you really buy their relationship, the cinematography is fantastic at points, and the plot succeeds in getting you thinking. It is very sad, and the ending is ok. This is a slow-moving film, and it takes its time getting to its climax. Some may be bored, but I thought this was an interesting, different and dare I say intellectual film.

Latasha M (jp) wrote: Really slow and a little painful to watch in the beginning as I had to get over the lack of German accents coming from those playing Nazis. The movie became interesting though after the first hour and definitely didn't end on a happy note, the way most American films end.