A tragical-comedy film story that follows a young non-combatant platoon with defective fitness. Set in "Bahad 4" in the 50's, the movie focuses mainly on two characters: Alon (Oz Zehavi), who believes he was accidentally sent to Bahad 4 and will soon be sent to join the Paratroopers. Avner (Guy Adler), believes that the army is the last thing that interests him.

The 1956, a few years after the War of Independence and the establishment of the State of Israel. Immigration is at its peak, transit camps are scattered throughout the country. This is the... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Infiltration torrent reviews

Graham W (ag) wrote: Brilliantly inventive & completely bonkers. A sweet, occasionally sad, but mostly nutty experience.

Scott M (jp) wrote: I thought this was a blast. Great style, fun storytelling. Comic fans will have fun with this.

Mithun G (it) wrote: A funny as well as sobering tribute to one of the greatest male icons.

David C (us) wrote: Nothing special, but decent enough. Fans of Byker Grove can do a lot of star watching.

Gary B (de) wrote: funny seeing Dicaprio in this kind of movie

Lloyd C (it) wrote: I liked this movie a lot but it's probably because I watched it after seeing Human Centipede. This is the kind of movie I want to see at a midnight screening.

Al M (ru) wrote: One of Franco's surrealist masterpieces, a hallucinatory exploration of desire, the line between pleasure and pain, and the hypnotic spell that love and passion hold over an individual. Painted with a psychodelic pallete, Vampyros Lesbos lies somewhere between drug trip film, sexploitation flick, and horror film. Indeed, the drugged out colors evoke the addictive and hallucinatory nature of desire. Starring Franco's first muse, Soledad Miranda before her tragic death, Vampyros Lesbos is a bizzare, erotic ride into realms beyond your normal consciousness.

bill s (es) wrote: Big spectacle but small laughs.

Ashley M (au) wrote: i thought it was a really good movie with a good story and some good action scenes

Steve D (jp) wrote: An end that played out poorly. Bad effects bad plot. forgettable

Ben L (gb) wrote: Do you like movies with metaphors? No, I mean do you REALLY like movies with metaphors? Do you like movies with a weird premise? No, I mean do you like movies with a REALLY weird premise? Do you like emotionless acting like in a Wes Anderson film? No, I mean do you...OK! Enough of that! The point is, if your answer is "Yes" to those questions then The Lobster is the movie for you. The story is about an alternate world where all single people are forced to live in a hotel where they are encouraged to become part of a couple. If they are unsuccessful after a number of days they will be turned into the animal of their choosing. And if you think that's the weird part, you ain't seen nothing yet.I did not connect with The Lobster on any level. I understand the point they are trying to make, I just didn't care for the way it was delivered. The weirdness of the world might work for me if the people acted even remotely human. Sadly, everyone is pretty much in robot mode and so I don't care about anything they are going through. However the real dilemma for me is that I've never experienced the world that this allegory is representing. I've never dealt with this odd single life where everyone is pressuring you to be in a couple but you can't seem to make a connection with anyone. And I've certainly never dealt with the opposite side, where you have militant single friends who resist coupling at all costs. I understand that is perhaps how the dating world feels to some people, but I can't relate.As a result, between the extremely odd premise and the fact that I can't relate to the story, I was simply befuddled by The Lobster. It's one of those movies that is either going to click with people or it totally will not, so I expect a lot of love-it or hate-it reactions. I'm somewhat in the middle simply because I can see what the writers were attempting, but there are many moments where I kept wondering "Why?" I think the movie is intended to be funny, perhaps in a dark humor way, but that didn't click with me either. There were a couple of moments that I think might have earned a small chuckle, but most of the way through I found The Lobster depressing. This is a film that I can say with full confidence is not for me.

Dada P (kr) wrote: Very informative presentation on what is needed when one is trying to bring awareness and action. Heartbreaking, honest and real...