Princess Dragon Mom and her mutant army have arisen, and only Inframan can stop them!

Princess Dragon Mom and her mutant army have arisen, and only Inframan can stop them! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Infra-Man torrent reviews

Martin P (ru) wrote: Not sure you can call this entertainment, given the subject matter, but it is watchable. Although the last twenty minutes I was drifting off Have I learnt anything I didn't already know? Nah! Testosterone level 10!

Scott M (ag) wrote: Enjoyable film. The music of The Proclaimers was put to good use. What stood out the most to me, was the finale, showcasing Edinburgh on a sunny day.

Indu R (it) wrote: A good movie. The cast was good, even though they were mostly unknown. The story shows how bullying can drive a kid down the wrong path and what happens when others allow it to happen. The ending was very tragic.

Andrew M (gb) wrote: Identity Thief is hilarious and amazing. This is one of Jason Bateman's best movies yet. This movie has a great plot. I would suggest this movie.

Paul D (br) wrote: This is not one of Clint Eastwood's better directorial installments. The first half of the movie was actually pretty good, but it lost steam and focus as it went on. It also seemed to feel way too long. Has a few good moments, but not good enough for me to recommend putting up with the rest of the movie for.

Sandy K (de) wrote: An erotic love triangle, wrapped in a bigger story of the underground youth party scene rebelling against the political and cultural repression of modern-day Iran. Although there are a number of powerful scenes that vividly show how each of the characters is trapped, I sometimes found myself confused about what was happening... and, more importantly, WHY.

Mary R (jp) wrote: Micheal Sheen makes this movie watchable. The movie sucks other than the appearance of some other well known actors. Regardless I clicked on it for Sheen. It moves so slowly that I only made it through the first half hour and I love kids movies. oh well! At least it is better than "zoo Keeper" ! Now that was a terrible movie!

Alf L (es) wrote: A honest and cute norwegian movie about two guys who it mentally challenged. This is the first movie in a triology.

Steven S (de) wrote: I have loved this movie sence I was a kid

Kevin M W (au) wrote: Invasion Of The Body Snatchers gets an wee tiny transfusion from modern action flicks and you get this typical popcorn munching afternoon at the flickers. Nicky Kidman delivers the usual solid rock of a performance as the center here, and everyone else provides capable support. Not a bore, but nary a surprise as well.Good munching!

James B (fr) wrote: Very dry humor. Few funny scenes. Really no substance. No execution of plot. Terrible acting. Sighhhhh.

Rick W (jp) wrote: movie was a letdown being a huge bowling fanatic, first 20 mins or so are funny then it just really sucks.

Mark W (ca) wrote: A truly fantastic Action/Horror film that never fails to Entertain and gets you emotionally involved with characters. 10/10.