Inga Enna Solluthu

Inga Enna Solluthu

A middle-aged married man narrates the mistakes of his past to a driver while travelling to Chennai on account of an emergency.

A lousy husband becomes a good one - or something. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jenina M (ca) wrote: Same old superhero movie with clich plots

Grant S (us) wrote: Pretty standard slasher-horror.

Blake P (mx) wrote: Grieving is not an easy process. Just ask Becca and Howie Corbett (Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart), a married couple who lost their four-year-old son eight months ago due to a freak car accident. Their communication is stilted, their professional lives harmed, their sex life finished. They crave to partake in a healthy existence once again, but mourning inhabits the heart of the smallest of an activity - attempting to ease back into a normal social life does little to diminish the lump that constantly rests in their throats. Indeed, "Rabbit Hole" is not the sort of feel-good movie most desire to submit themselves to when passing the time with a movie, but it is surprisingly hopeful, as if we're acting as voyeur to the end of a nervous breakdown that can ultimately be recovered from. An adaptation of the critically acclaimed play of the same name (the film also written by its creator), "Rabbit Hole" is an affecting study of heartache, with Kidman and Eckhart acting as the psychologically tumultuous centers. As the film opens, the Corbetts are dealing with their agony in ways that can only be described as temporary coping strategies. Howie regularly rewatches old home videos, refusing to accept reality, while Becca, who quit her job following the tragedy, sits at the house numbly with her thoughts brewing, eventually figuring it might be best to start giving away her son's old clothes and toys as a way to acknowledge the present. They attend group therapy on a daily basis, but Becca cannot do much besides roll her eyes at the other attendees, who seem to wallow in their melancholy rather than overcome it; Howie begins a platonic friendship with Gabby (Sandra Oh), a fellow participant who seems to be the only person he can really talk to as himself. Family, especially Becca's mother (a terrific Dianne Wiest), halt recovery, as they are similarly afflicted by the years-ago drug overdose of a sibling. Neither is nearing toward a breakthrough, though - while the Corbetts will inevitably learn to grapple with their misery as something that will never leave them, they are at their rawest, their most susceptible to spiraling down a path of eternal torment. So we become hopeful when Becca does the unthinkable: get to know the teenager (Miles Teller) who accidentally killed her son that fateful day, learning that a single, awful event should never define someone for the rest of their lives. And so begins the healing process, with Howie, more slowly, submitting himself to acceptance too. "Rabbit Hole" has already become an indie gem seen as more of a showcasing of the magnificent star power of Nicole Kidman (nominated for an Oscar here) than a full-fledged classic, being only 92 minutes and dealing with a topic that most don't want to relive. But it is a brave and moving film, wonderfully acted and from the heart. Its visceral anguish is enough to send a shiver down our spines, so unfiltered and true that we can almost feel the pain the Corbetts go through so tirelessly. "Rabbit Hole" hurts as much as it wants us to cheer - despite the gloom that ripples through its slender body, it is more about conquering hardship than it is about staying ensnared in a vicious cycle. And it feels good.

Trent C (kr) wrote: This movie achieved what every satire tries to achieve. I couldn't remember a part when I wasn't laughing.

Josh L (nl) wrote: Awesome movie for all the mars nuts. But definitely waaaay to short.

Panta O (kr) wrote: Typical modern Hong Kong work. Director Johnnie To reunites with his favourite muse, pop-singer/actress Sammi Cheng, for this bubbly romantic comedy for the fifth time! Previous comedies were real hits - funny and enjoyable, and with surprisingly affecting emotions beneath the mugging and pratfalls. Love For All Seasons stacks up pretty well when compared to the usual star-filled Lunar New Year nonsense, and is easily better than its direct competitor, My Lucky Star. But when compared to Needing You, Love on a Diet or even My Left Eye Sees Ghosts, this latest effort falls woefully short. Seems that both of them are getting tired! Louis Koo is the best part of the movie, acting as Tiger, Hong Kong's most notorious playboy which adventures caused many broken hearts (even the female police negotiator, officer-in-charge and the fire chief were not immune on his influence on women)... Fittingly, his activities have also left him with some serious health issues, which have left him plugged up in the restroom and generally grouchy, to boot. He ends up seeking help from the Omei Clan, an all-female martial arts school located in the Mainland. There, he meets May (Sammi Cheng), the temporary headmistress of the school, who sets about curing him through wacky Eastern medical means. She also spends a good deal of time doling out discomfort and sly payback for Tiger's womanizing ways. The Omei Clan may be a legitimate martial arts school, but apparently they aren't above a little mischief themselves. Omei Clan has its own share of problems, because their previous headmistress (Lee Bing-Bing) returns after being driven mad due to rejection by a male. She resolves to kill all of Omei and then herself unless May can best her in a one-on-one duel. To do so, May needs to learn the "Broken Heart" stance, which can only be obtained if May actually experiences a broken heart herself. She travels to Hong Kong and searches out Tiger, because he seems to be the only one that can help her. He resolves to do so because after all, May was his "saviour." I think I'll stop there... you can see the rest if you're interested! You can enjoy it if you're looking for cute couple with interesting views on love... which will make you laugh a lot! And it is a good example of a solidly made light hearted romantic comedy from this part of the world!

Anu K (ag) wrote: Yritin katsoa joskus tv:sta, nukahdin...

Jerry S (br) wrote: The one who made this sould go to shrink. This is so bad.

Jacquie S (kr) wrote: Lantana is an attractive but extremely destructive weed leading into the metaphor that the tangle web of deception can also grow uncontrollably. This is a brilliant stage to screen adaptation. Not many stage plays work on screen but this is perfect. With a stellar Australian cast it potrays the fragility and complexity of human relationships. The viewer finds that all the characters lives are entangled in some way even if the characters themselves don't realise it. Very well written.

Tim R (fr) wrote: A movie that grabs you and demands your attention with some suprises!

Michael M (ca) wrote: Still better than most comedies out there.

Michael R (gb) wrote: I couldn't have picked a better film for my life at the present moment. Bergmans 1st masterpiece in my opinion. Near perfect.