Ingaló is helping her father on his small fishing boat, but he's an obstinate character and relations between them are tense. After a dance in the village which ends in a fight between the local people and crew of Matthildur ÍS 167, a visiting fishing boat, Ingaló and her younger brother leave home. Ingaló stays briefly in Reykjavík and has a short affair with Vilhjálmur, a man in his thirties. Sveinn has found a job on Matthildur and Ingaló is taken on as a cook. The fishing is poor and when the vessel breaks down it heads for home port, where the crew stays in derelict living quarters for seasonal workers. Ingaló finds out that Matthildur's owner and big wheel in town is none other than Vilhjálmur. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Ingaló torrent reviews

Liam M (gb) wrote: Make up is good, CGI is embarrassingly bad

Sanjay K (it) wrote: superb! entertainment!

Heather M (au) wrote: I will not be watching this.

Pamela W (ru) wrote: Thank Gawd I didn't pay to see this disaster (watched it on tv). The plot makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, Liotta and Pacino should have pooled their millions and paid to have this one burned----what an embarrassment to two stellar careers!

Mario J (ca) wrote: Really amazing Indie movie. Very unsettling. Reminded me of Requiem for a Dream the way it's cut together. The synopsis tag does it justice.

Jo Lea H (fr) wrote: haven't heard of this one before. Could be interesting It's got some decent actors.

Hans S (es) wrote: A really nice little ghost / horror flick

Jaff J (gb) wrote: a girl not to be f#*ked with. short but sweet film.

nauman a (gb) wrote: Haven't had this much fun watching a movie in a long time. This is a fantastic flick.

Leonard D (br) wrote: It's a fun good time, but I wish that Bay should have stuck with one tone, since he thought he could try to have a couple different kinds of things working against each other. Liv Tyler was pretty pointless, since all she ever does but stand around with that stupid look on her face!

Scott S (it) wrote: Playing for Keeps (1986) -- [4.0] -- Miramax moguls Bob and Harvey Weinstein directed and cowrote this uninspired teen comedy about three high school graduates who transform a dilapidated bed & breakfast into a hip & happening getaway for young people. It's like leftovers from half a dozen John Hughes and John Cusack movies.

(it) wrote: An absolute classic.

Jacob T (au) wrote: This is the 9th Godzilla movie. IT is also the 5th Mothra movie. It is also the 4th Rodan movie. This is better then most of the Godzilla movie made before it. It is better then all the Mothra movies made before it. It is better then most of the Rodan movies made before it. It is one the best movie from 1968. The 12th Godzilla movie is also the 6th Mothra movie. It is called Godzilla vs Gigan. That one is better then this one. The 13th Godzilla movie is also the 5th Rodan movie it is called Godzilla vs Megalon. That one is also better. But still this is a great movie. See all the Rodan movies. They are all great films. See all the Mothra movies. There also great films

Holly B (ag) wrote: The most memorable thing about this movie is the scary make-up...

Jimesh S (nl) wrote: One of the best war movies to watch

Heather W (au) wrote: I keep coming back to this movie as one of my favorites. I believe going through at least one heart-wrenching breakup is an awful right of passage in the human experience that we are all forced to travel at some point in our lives. This movie not only shines a humorous light on how the characters grapple with the crippling emotional affects of romantic love, but writers were surprisingly accurate in portraying the 360 degree view of cause and effect in secondary characters lives. Plus...the quotes are priceless!

Serge L (au) wrote: Down on their luck normal psychopaths want to make a big criminal coup. They pull it off for a long while but not without unnerving goofs at the start. Can't think of everything! A good thrill ride with them psychopaths. Better than superheroes, that is for sure. Being based on a true story, I would not be certain on how the story would unfold. Great filming on location. I see there is an original dutch version that could be better.

Andrew B (jp) wrote: A pretentious piece of shit you could literally play bingo to with its hamfisted attempts to be edgy and deep. Good soundtrack, though.

Josh R (ru) wrote: I am excited to see this movie

Kyle M (nl) wrote: Besides the supporting cast - Maggie Gyllenhaal, Colin Farrell and Robert Duvall - Jeff Bridges' performance and showcased country singing talents drives the drama that thoughtfully present the meaning of a musician flame in life and song as it keeps a little distance apart from the slow flowing of the pace. (B+)(Full review coming soon - with better wording probably)