A rags-to-riches story of two friends, a small-time inventor and a sharky salesman, who hit rock bottom before coming up with a gizmo that becomes a worldwide phenomenon.

Matt and Sam are life-long friends running a funky gift shop while trying to come up with the next genius idea. Matt's recent inventions haven't been all that inventive and Sam's salesman techniques are shaky at best. In need of money, they turn to Matt's girlfriend, Gina. Gina wants to help out but aware of Matt and Sam's gambling problems in the past, and concerned that they have come back, she no longer knows if she can trust him. Even Matt and Sam's friendship is put to the test when they hit rock bottom and try to get normal jobs, but all Matt needs is one bright idea and he might be able to right everything. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Susie P (ag) wrote: interesting but really dragged

Wadanai N (ru) wrote: Sad and powerful movie. Ryan Coogler is a great director and Michael B Jordan is amazing #blacklivesmatter

Teddy B (mx) wrote: Wonderful in its badness - some might say, this is another mockbusters from Asylum, so now you are warned. From the movie poster you're to expect a mix of 'The day after tomorrow' and '2012'. From an Asylum production you are getting the usual - a ridiculous plot, hilariously awful dialogue and the actors are horrible, cheap and very bad CGI special effects. Personally I am a huge fan of disaster movies, but with today technology I'm expecting a whole lot more than this. One positive thing to say about this is the movie poster. Some movies are bad in a way that it becomes funny to watch, but this one is just bad. Don't waste your time on this.

Casey S (de) wrote: The idea is there, Bradley Cooper's charming enough but the execution doesn't quite hit the mark.

Antone A (fr) wrote: I liked it, but I'm not sure why.

The D (ca) wrote: Very average outing for a decent enough cast. Rourke & Gordon-Levitt, a hitman & reckless thief, team up for a job after a chance meeting. Blackbird(Rourke) was looking to move on from that one last mafia hit but as a man who doesn't like to leave wtinesses taking the life of a woman proves to cost him.The twosome take on a real estate agent looking to extort money but when Caren(Lane) & Wayne(Jane) get involved it becomes a cat and mouse tale with Blackbird trying to tie up the loose ends.So it's not a bad idea but throughout the film I kept thinking would he really be that arsed about these two? They hadn't seen him do anything particularly big so in this instance he probably could have let it go. The performances are as you would expect but Jane is a little underused and Gordon-Levitt is a little too over the top to be convincing. Roasario Dawson also appears but has little screen time to really annoy you.Even at barely 90 minutes it does feel quite stretched at times.Must try harder!

Calvin C (br) wrote: For a kids movie, this has to me one of my Top 10 romantic comedies of all-time which includes the likes of Annie Hall and It Happened One Night. I can see where a movie like 500 Days of Summer might of gotten its inspiration. A very young Josh Hutcherson plays Gabe, a boy in love. However, at his age, he doesn't really know what love is and what he should do about it. His love interest, Rosemary is very cute and you can see why Gabe falls for her. The narration by Gabe is great and it is like we are in the mind of an 11 year-old. Though these are kids, all the feelings and reactions are universal and it shows that love is not just for adults. The actors are believable and charming and the reality of the situations make you relate to your own past. This is a movie that very little has heard of, but if you are able to find it, it is worth 90 minutes of your time.Grade: A-

Sakarias J (us) wrote: Great movie! Superb acting and the story made it really interesting. I didnt knew what more to expect other then a good performance by Cate Blanchett, but they were all good and they were able to catch my interests during the whole movie. Luckely this movie was handed to us otherwise this movie would have been missed for atleast another 9 years.

Mad M (it) wrote: There are some cool scenes, mostly regarding the nature of balet. But it has plenty of cheesy bits and most men aren't going to be interested.

Greg W (us) wrote: One of those ambitious, over-reaching disappointments that is more interesting than some more conservative successes.

Joe C (ru) wrote: So stupid it's actually funny! Howie Mandel is a master of pysical comedy and Christopher Lloyd does a really good job of being the bad guy in this. Cute and a good family movie to watch!

Pancho V (it) wrote: It is inspiring to anyone involved with Scouting and also Fred MacMurray and Vera Miles' best movies.

Patrick J (mx) wrote: Romantic and charming, this slightly cheesy period piece suffers only from its time discrepancy. Artistic and superbly acted, this TCM Essential is perfect for the old movie lover, the viewer intrigued by the classics, and the Katherine Hepburn fan alike.

Adam R (it) wrote: Are French women really this terrible, or are French filmmakers just misogynistic?

girlybat h (es) wrote: sometimes i find it hard to watch unlikable characters, but was told that this is one you had to stick with 'til the end. that sure was the truth. a good lesson in what hatred and bigotry can get ya.

Shireen Hakim R (au) wrote: The critics' reviews are way too high. But it was good; an honest portrayal of teenage life rather than the typical superficial high school movies.