A couple goes to dangerous lengths to find a lung donor for their daughter.

A couple goes to dangerous lengths to find a lung donor for their daughter. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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terry a (br) wrote: didn't have enough tits.

Mohammad R (jp) wrote: This film is a brilliant remake to the Tamil version. Ajay is back to his seriousness police wala character role with heart rendering courageous dialogues and machismo fight scenes. Now that's what Bollywood is all about.

Al M (au) wrote: A riveting and quietly unsettling blend of interviews and fictionalized re-enactments of his daily life (not the murders), The Jeffrey Dahmer Files takes a look at the quiet neighbor whose apartment became an abattoir of horrors.

Paul O (de) wrote: The main character is an academically ambitious but financially struggling 19 y/o college student from a poor family. Given that she is fairly clueless and lacks a heroic dimension as a protagonist, this is a well-written and well-acted film that aims to give a realistic portrayal of one story out of thousands like this that are happening nowadays. Although it is supposed to represent a phenomenon that is widespread among students in Europe, it is probably now even more prevalent in America - thanks to a combination of the financial crisis and the crushing burden of student loan debt in our non-subsidized capitalist system. The girl has many attractive qualities and it is possible to empathize with her even as we see this slice of a life unfold in a predictably sad way. I thought it was nicely ironic how her boyfriend, who is quite happy to sponge off of her for free room and board and sex, becomes so self-righteous and slut-shames her about her letting herself accept money and gifts from others.

Mohsin K (gb) wrote: great movie with lots of inspiration for everyone, thumbs up for director and actor

Jack M (it) wrote: While the premise stays true to the show and game, this is for fans only

Juan D (us) wrote: buena foto y contundente argumento.

David C (it) wrote: Judd Nelson, Lance Henriksen, and a few other recognizable faces star in a film where nearly every scene feels like they taped the performance in scene study class. This is literally, the quintessential clichd Bermuda triangle mystery thriller. The dialogue is so over-written, it's painfully funny... "oh my god, I-- I, killed my mom", "Dana, snap out of it, it's all in your head, the ship is making you see things that aren't real" You know, dana, in case you hadn't figured that out yet. The visual effects feel like a Playstation intro, who's 4th tier studio won that bid? All in all, I highly recommend Lost Voyage if you're writing your own Bermuda triangle film and want to know what not to do, and how not to be obvious. You could call it, "Lost Voyage: A Captain Obvious Mystery"

Bud L (ca) wrote: come on its Chuck Norris

Chris B (ag) wrote: Filled with atmospheric and beautifully captured B&W widescreen images, Kuroneko is a haunting beauty of a film on Blu-ray. The transfer itself is magnificent, as Criterion worked with the original camera negatives and only added trace amounts of clean up making it look natural and film like. The film itself tells a supernatural story but one also that ultimately tells more of the evil of mankind then of anything other worldly. A beautiful and creepy score accompanies the film and adds to the creepy imagery making for a great night time watch. Enjoyed watching this one with my brother Jon and friend Brad on a breezy and cool night at Brad's home. Highly Recommend this film for not just Horror fans but people looking for a movie with top notch cinematography and direction to go with an eerie story and mood!

David B (au) wrote: I don't know if I'm unhappy because I'm not free, or if I'm not free because I'm unhappy.

Christopher T (jp) wrote: Cute romantic comedy. Didn't even know it existed until Hulu.

Deepak A (ru) wrote: Thoroughly thought provoking movie that melds visual poetry with good acting and storytelling in a manner that stays on your mind long after the movie ends.. Neither pedantic nor intellectualising on a subject that can easily veer off into a bare philosophical monologue, the movie succeed s in evoking thoughts in the philosophical spectrum within a series of dialogues between the characters. Ethical, moral and perceptive dilemma are all captured and woven into the story- telling.. Only weakness is at the editing table.. I felt like some crisper editing of the visuals would have brought the movie to 2 hours without any perceived loss of impact. Regardless, the movie is a must watch for its ability to raise relevant questions that linger in your mind!