The adventures of a father and his young daughter, in their search for a long lost book that will help reunite a missing, close relative.

Mortimer Folchart and his daughter make a long journey to Europe with the hope of finding a rar remaining copie of the book "Book of magic". Very few people know that Mortimer own a special ability: his voice can haul the stuff people written in the book to the real life. He makes his wife into the book, which helps a wicked man walk out . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Inkheart torrent reviews

Siobhan G (ru) wrote: A look at a complicated and emotional family situation that doesn't hold back on honesty.

Carolyn B (kr) wrote: I fell in love with this film!

Evan H (it) wrote: this movie is hard to watch, because it's set in a sad time, when being gay was a disease. Set during the second world war, this movie is filled with great performances. It has a great script to boot. I was amazed by how well the costumes were done, also how they made the movie look like the '40s. It was very believable. I haven't seen a movie so heartbreaking, like this, in awhile...

Udara W (ru) wrote: Best documentary I ever watched..... Reality at your door step...

Esteban R (nl) wrote: divertida, luntica por momentos y bizarra en otros. una pelcula buena onda.

Dylan C (fr) wrote: I have a huge soft spot for this movie. It is Koji Suzuki's sequel to the Ring and a beautifully psychological thriller... or the book and manga were anyway. This is just kind of flat. But when I see my favorite scenes from the book on screen, I can't help but be insanely giddy.

Green P (de) wrote: A divinity student takes a break in NYC and begins to fall in love with a woman he meets, who turns out to be a vampiric seductress who gradually gets between him and the friend he's staying with and tries to compromise his beliefs. The big-names involved with this (Samuel L Jackson, Bill Nunn, Spike Lee) suggest an equivalent production, but in actuality it's a very average film with average acting and a poor script/storyline. It's watchable, and the succubus is undoubtedly very seductive, but don't expect anything from this film really.

Mark I (de) wrote: Moves far too fast initially, with poor acting from the lead male, but a must watch for any fan of Berlin.

Anthony S (us) wrote: At first I thought the two different tones serious war drama and comedy didn't mix well at all. It felt like two different movies. As film ran on it got better and better. Julie Andrews is fantastic.

Luis G (de) wrote: as far the factory goes, this was pretty goood

Robby x (au) wrote: Guru dutt was best in his acting, and Waheeda Rehman was looking fablous in the movie.

Paige N (ca) wrote: Terrible!!! Horrible!!! Its completely stupid and has no really concept. There's just nothing else to say!

Ramn M (it) wrote: la mujer terminator, le pas de todo y no tuvo heridas, una nueva superheroe nace aqu, hay un milln de pelculas pero los canales nacionales siempre buscan las peores

Daniel M (kr) wrote: It has a nice little message of triumph and accomplishment, but the execution was pretty cheesy.