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Inkosari torrent reviews

Ricardo Martn P (us) wrote: Solid, well paced and emotional.

Countess N (es) wrote: Terrible...Danny Dyer is certainly knocking the shit out fast.

Jamie P (br) wrote: i loved this movie because it is not focused on race,creed,or the like but on the aspect of human life

Juli N (us) wrote: Felt more like an after school special!

Jeff J (ca) wrote: Nonsensicle Chinese Propaganda Film

Vadim D (gb) wrote: The movie relies on the coolness of Steve McQueen too much. Sure, the action sequences and car chases are historically important and well executed, especially considering the lack of technology, but once you take that away, the story is boring and paper thin.

Niki N (ag) wrote: could've used a little more david duchovny and a little less crazy mimi rogers.

Bill T (gb) wrote: After a delirious murder scene and musical number (you know the one) this movie settles down and tells the 10 Little Indians tale. This was ok. pretty stock characters though.

Michael T (br) wrote: Kim Novak's first starring role was in this rather slow-moving film noir.

Ray C (us) wrote: This movie is just great, it is a view of Viet Nam during the war that you very seldom see portrayed, if you can find it, see this movie!

K D (ag) wrote: Who doesn't like talking camels? Finally a "Road" film where Hope brought home a girl. Also got a kick out of the magic ring scene, that was classic Hope and Crosby.

Russ B (jp) wrote: 7/17/2016: A pretty silly movie. A little over the top, but still plenty of funny parts.

Scott A (de) wrote: One of my all time fav thrillers. It may look like an ALIEN rip off...only underwater...but it's so so so so good. Fantastic cast and great creature effects. I can watch this whenever its on TV.