Innathe Chinthavishayam

Innathe Chinthavishayam


The film's focus is on three women and the troubles facing their families. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Innathe Chinthavishayam torrent reviews

RONALD H (br) wrote: Slow for first half, gets better later. Would not recommend, wait and watch on dvd.

Hugo G (us) wrote: This movie had a great cast starting with Aubrey Plaza, Jason Ritter, Nate Parker and Maggie Grace. But overall all the cast in their respective characters. The story was nothing new, but it created enough melancholic moments to get attached to the characters. Even though it didn't tech the point where it became very emotional and attached to its audience, the story was good itself with a good mixture of drama and comedy. ~September 13, 2014 ~

Luc L (jp) wrote: The scenes are short and jumpy, result a fast pace film; not enough time to digest the bombards of revelations and to feel the thrill and mystery. The story is unoriginal and ridiculous.

Jude P (it) wrote: Eye Opening to many asinine morons who dare to visit any place sans history if any.

Stephanie W (au) wrote: it was actually pretty boring. you'd think it'd be a lot more funny and really wasn't

Sandy K (kr) wrote: Fast paced French noir thriller about a nurse who frantically tries to rescue his pregnant wife as they are both unwittingly caught up in an intricate (and deadly) conspiracy.

Nick K (nl) wrote: Do you want to know what Hell is like (sans waking up in the middle of the night and seeing Michael Jackson standing in your doorway)? Watch this movie. Go on, I dare you.

James C (ag) wrote: Beautiful love story about a married couple whose marriage is jeapordised when the husband discovers that he is attracted to other men. Michael Ontkean, Harry Hamlin and Kate Jackson all turn in excellent performances. The ending will leave you in tears.

Shellie L (gb) wrote: I saw this movie twice and thought it was excellent. Tom Hiddleston was amazing, not only for his acting, but also for his singing. His voice was not raw like Hank's, but he got the style, the phrasing, the essence of the artist perfectly in my opinion. The plot was criticized for being thin, but when your public career lasts only six years, the personal relationships have to the main story line. I thought the film was masterfully done, and I loved it.