Innocent Blood

Innocent Blood

A beautiful vampire turns a crime lord into a creature of the night.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:112 minutes
  • Release:1992
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   police,   revenge,  

Marie has two appetites, sex and blood. Her career as a vampire is going along fine until two problems come up, she is interrupted while feeding on Sal (the shark) Macelli and she begins to... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sterlin R (de) wrote: I actually did not mind this sequel. I liked how they tried something different and it actually worked.The only problem I had was this movie felt more of a heist/crime movie than a comedy. But nonetheless, it is a solid sequel and a good way to end the trilogy.

Brian B (nl) wrote: This movie provides original comedy at first but the move overstays its welcome as its premise gets repetitive.An inanimate tire comes to life and it discovers that it has telepathic powers which it can use to make things explode. It then starts killing animals and people as it makes it to a motel.Firstly, I do get its comedy. Near the beginning, I thought it was quite funny. It contains an original and unique take on humor. It provided some funny scenes and I laughed along with it a lot. It's also great that it stays committed to its ridiculous premise. I also thought that the idea of the spectators was pretty creative.As I said, it does contain original and unique comedy. However, the movie gets carried away with itself because its comedy overstays its welcome. 85 minutes proves to be a far too long running time because the movie's plot grows repetitive and thin rather quickly.Also, the movie has a very slow pace. It takes a while for it to get to its climax and some viewers may become bored or uninterested because of it. In my opinion, this should've just been a 45 minute short film. It would be so much better if they removed several scenes from its middle because I think that is the weakest and least funniest part of the film.Nowadays, most modern horror movies have weak acting and Rubber is no exception here. The acting is really uninteresting. None of the actors really impressed me that much. However, there was only 1 character who I felt was memorable and I actually really liked him. But it upset me greatly when he was killed off. I know that it's not a bad thing for a movie to kill off a memorable character you like but that's only if the movie handles it well. His death felt so forced, unneeded, and random.In conclusion, I didn't really care for this film too much. It does contain original comedy near the beginning and it does do a few things right. However, the movie gets dull very quickly and it just isn't my type of movie. I still think that it's a good recommendation though. Just don't expect anything decade-defining to come out of it.

Jason V (it) wrote: One of the best Martial Art Films!! Blown away when I found out its loosely based on Bruce Lee's teacher!!! Freaking must see film!!!

Andr L (kr) wrote: [Ruas de Sangue] Corrupo voc encontra em tudo que canto mesmo; mas o filme fraquinho!

Wes S (us) wrote: A modern rehash of the first film that leaves out the charm and techo-age feel while having limited trills. The characters are more or less the same as the ones in the first film, and it's nice to have a couple of reoccurring characters. The biggest problem with the film is that it doesn't really make much sense and everything that happens seems odd and silly. It's somewhat entertaining, but it doesn't carry the same impact.

Ally J (jp) wrote: This movie at first seemed like another movie that nobody knows of, for good reason. Give another few minutes, you actually start to like it. This is a perfect example of the oh-this-sucks-but-I-actually-like-it-for-whatever-reason genre

Julio C (jp) wrote: Divertida y emotiva, aunque para ser una peli independiente, abusa un poco de los cliches de la comedia romantica "mainstream", sin embargo, hasta hace algunos aos, eran de las pocas formas en que podian existir peliculas de tematica LGBT. Algo dominguera y poco trascendental.

Ville P (br) wrote: Killer Bees, plane in trouble, South American tribesmen and Rutger Hauer. That should say enough. Silly story is about a reporter (Gabrielle Anwar) who is searching the bees in the Brazilian jungle. Graig Sheffer plays the hero husband in the plane full of killer bees. Rutger Hauer still beats them with personality as the evil Ezekial who has the evi smirk and dialogue.

David S (ag) wrote: Never Seen it but anything from Trey Parker an Matt Stone has got to be good. I also heard some funny ass shit about this movie

Tiffany B (ru) wrote: This is one of my favorite movies of Anne Frank, even though she doesn't make it out alive. She has always inspired me even to this day.

Matt C (mx) wrote: Bit lost by the praise lavished on this film and I love a bit of Costner. It's not funny and it's not particularly engaging, in fact it's pretty much as dull as watching baseball in real life. This is no 'Field of Dreams'.

ramon s (jp) wrote: Nice and interesting

TheLords A (jp) wrote: Alright so along with It Happened One Night, I also saw Mrs. Miniver again. So here's my review for that. Plot: Mrs. Miniver is a middle-class woman in England who lived a very happy comfortable life with her family. She lives his her husband, Clem and their youngest children Toby and Judy, while their son, Vin is home from going to his university and is also starting so fall in love Carol, the granddaughter of the Lady Beldon. But their lives begin to change when World War II starts and Clem and Vic sign up to fight. Quite simply, this is a film that displays the joys and sorrows of life in England back in WWII. And boy do they show it. The first half of the film or so just develops the characters and displays how happy and simple everyones lives are. But then you get the second half were they get more into what happens to England during the war, and that's when this really becomes a good film. The suspense is pretty big, the tragedies will leave you utterly sad, it just leaves you giving a harsh but true idea about how their lives were and how hard things changed once the war began. And that's my review for Mrs. Miniver. It's a well made film that really moves you into the idea of how harsh the change of english life was when World War II came, and is easily an enjoyable film and I think was right to have won best picture.