Inochi bô ni furô

Inochi bô ni furô

The story takes place in feudal Japan, when any commerce with the rest of the world was strictly prohibited. An idealist suddenly appears in an isolated inn (the one that the title refers ...

The story takes place in feudal Japan, when any commerce with the rest of the world was strictly prohibited. An idealist suddenly appears in an isolated inn (the one that the title refers ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tito S (es) wrote: Chuck Norris indiano!! The best! :D

Greg W (it) wrote: exciting well made crime thriller from the rep of congo as a hustler has a way of making cash in the gas starved country

Donibscottctcisnet D (us) wrote: The remains of an ancient native American starts this story off and ends with the violent and at moments confusing tale of how science and the mystical can sometimes meet. Good enough to keep you guessing a bit! It is rated R.

Private U (jp) wrote: This is a kick ass movie if you can find it. Anyone wanting a copy just ask me and i can burn you a copy. Everyone should see this film!

David S (nl) wrote: Real Steel was awesome. Hugh Jackman is so good as a father who out of blue has to take care of his son who he hasn't seen ever and find a way to build a boxing robot. Its a short we've seen before but its so cool watching. His son gets a little annoying at times, but Real Steel is a fun filled sci-fi boxing film anybody can love

bill s (de) wrote: The movie make Ford seem and look tired and old.

Jacky L (es) wrote: damn bloody funny, with more than a handful of of really great, hilarious lines. so fun, so irreverent, hell you'd wish you could hang out longer with this f**ked up family of oddballs. "vag in a town. what's a vag?" wicked!

Charles G (us) wrote: Makes me wonder why people do what they do when they know it will only cause problems.

Timothy S (it) wrote: Charles Band seemingly envisioned himself as something of the Roger Corman of the 1990's, and the guy sure made a lot of movies that were on the thrifty side. During his reign over Full Moon, he never made a cheaper movie than "Dollman VS. Demonic Toys", which you can barely even call a movie. It runs sixty-four minutes, with four minutes of credits at both ends, and in true Corman fashion, a god deal of the rest of this is flashbacks to three others films with plenty of footage to pad out the already flimsy running time. There's honestly about forty minutes of new footage here, and most of that was shot for other films and just not used until now. The title carefully paints the story, which is essentially a finale to a movie that doesn't exist, which explains why they needed all of that padding. Tim Thomerson's painfully serious performance was meant to be a goof, but it's just not funny. In fact, none of this is any fun at all. The Dollman special effects are shockingly good for a film of such meager means, as the sets are impressive. The problem with the effects lies with the possessed toys, which aren't in the least bit convincing. The giant baby is the only one with any lines or a personality, and he talks in throwaway one-liners that aren't funny either. Half the time you can't understand what he's saying anyway so it doesn't matter much. And despite the brief run time, the film is quite boring, mostly because you're watching clips from movies you've already seen (in my case anyway) and you didn't ever want to see them again. "Dollman VS. Demonic Toys" is the worst kind of filmmaking, lazy and only existing to make a quick buck. Considering how little money and effort he put into this one, I'm sure Band made a pretty penny on this one. But it sure cost him a lot of integrity.

Alistair M (kr) wrote: Real musicians, real music, and real life.

Leo L (it) wrote: For some strange reasons, I like this movie.

Lilian W (nl) wrote: I would've given this a straight 5 if it weren't for the narration. I have a new-found appreciation for how unique the female characters that Woody Allen creates are.

Paul P (ag) wrote: Some scenes didn't quite do it for me but then there are some that are so entertaining and so damn cool i wanted to put them in my back pocket and save forever. The dialogue is in love with pop culture, seeing how its almost 50 years later some of it sticks which is to be admired. Doesn't get any better than the dance scene in one shot. All the performances are spotless, Anna Karina manages to make every scene memorable.

Michael G (us) wrote: Jesus, this sucked. The star and a half was for the vintage Eurpoean hotties, the half nipple I saw and the half-assed attempt to rip off Mario Bava. And whatever you do, don't forget the fire in the laboratory because that's never been done before!!! While watching the last half hour of Mill of the Stone Women I felt like I had my hand over an open flame. The only reason I didn't turn it off was because I've never walked out of or shut off a movie yet. And I'll be goddamned if Mill of the Stone Women is going to be the one to take me down...

Tom H (nl) wrote: One man army film, less than great better than ok.