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Inside Edge

Loose cannon Sgt. Richard Montana screws up a major drug bust and is passed over for promotion for Henderson, a cop he holds responsible for the death of his first partner. Disgusted, ...

Loose cannon Sgt. Richard Montana screws up a major drug bust and is passed over for promotion for Henderson, a cop he holds responsible for the death of his first partner. Disgusted, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ian R (ag) wrote: Love Calvin and Hobbes, Hate mopey indie directors who feel the need to insert themselves into their own documentaries. Love reading Calvin and Hobbes, moderately dislike movies of mostly nothing but people talking about how much they like reading Calvin and Hobbes. That said, this was fine.

Sameen M (au) wrote: It's literally black people rapping for two hours and it is awesome.

Rich B (ru) wrote: Wahlberg again superb

Jos C (fr) wrote: Aceptable, para reir un poco, nada mas

Jason K (ca) wrote: not the best adaptation of a Hornby novel, but it did have some moments- Poots for one is going to be around awhile, Neill and Pike have a scene or 2 that make great cameos, and DP Ben Davis does some cool stuff not on green screen.

Trinity C (jp) wrote: This was a terrible and disgusting horror movie. Shame on you, Sci-Fi, for making this piece of steaming crap.

Angelika G (kr) wrote: really good movie. the comedy was so good. i liked all the actors

PieterJan V (ag) wrote: A shameless left wing propaganda-film in which right wing voters are portrayed as nazis and scum. Don't get brainwashed by this pathetic little movie. Maybe a commie like 'Tom Barman' will enjoy this movie...but I don't. Lang leve de fiere Vlaamse leeuw !!

Johanna H (jp) wrote: Got dumped? Don't watch this movie!Go watch "he's just not that into you" instead!

Hardy C (us) wrote: Yes a terrible movie but slightly, ever so slightly, redeemed by all the star cameos. Whoever decided Bob Dylan should be the star of this inexplicable film deserves the Plan 9 from Outer Space award. I actually have watched it more than once just to see if I missed anything that might have explained what was going on or what social/political statements were being subliminally made. There are none.

Steve B (br) wrote: Excellent story of a bunch of teenagers of the Fanyang area (the director's hometown) playing actors, dancers and singers and trying to have a future in the wasted chinese countryside.... a bit too long but with great moments of poetry. Very moving & typical Jia Zhang Ke.

Aimee E (ru) wrote: This is a awesome movie and so are the sequels great childhood movie

paul B (fr) wrote: Beau et triste. Epeurant, boulversant, angoissant, romanesque...les adjectifs ne manquent pas.

Guy G (mx) wrote: [85/B+] A magniloquently dark and fascinating portrait of a young, headstrong female sculptor in 19th century Paris, whose talent and lust for artistic expression become diverted and irreparably damaged through a torrid love affair, and its aftermath, with the era's master of sculpture Auguste Rodin. The atmosphere and sets of this movie, evoking the world of Belle poque France with great deftness, are enveloping and fragrant and understated, but as good as they are it's the fine acting that really holds one's attention; the spectacle lies mainly in the interplay of characters, with their grim determinations and obstinate senses of pride and personal combats with society. Depardieu's Rodin, especially, is a rounded and bristling individual beset by professional and emotional challenges, who manifests a looming magnetism and angst that is hard to shake for its depth. Adjani's title character, on the other hand, is portrayed on more spare terms. Her motivations are simpler and more streamlined, as she initially speaks little, and is identified more purely through her dedication to the practice of her art and, eventually, to her romantic submerging into Rodin's character and world. Only in her growing madness and despair does she begin to take over the film, but throughout it all she is played exceedingly well by Adjani in a heartbreaking, frightening role that is sometimes difficult to watch. Camille Claudel is a picture of tragic, emotional turmoil and real sadness. The demise of its heroine may haunt you or even exhaust you, but this is a strong dramatic work featuring two of the world's finest living actors in top form, and should be seen to be appreciated.

Scott M (ru) wrote: Mel Gibson was a humble actor in the 1980's. I loved him in this movie. One of my favorites. Too bad he had to become a total jerk after Braveheart.

Silvanus S (nl) wrote: Salce was so underrated as a comic stylist, and this fine film has vanished into obscurity except in Italy and Japan. Tognazzi plays a mid-life Italian male having his crisis who bumbles into a group of ditzy youngsters having a summer at a beach cottage. He spends most of the screen time romancing the gorgeous Catherine Spaak and falling deeper and deeper into his romantic dream, until he winds up on a beach in the dawn wearing a Indian headband with sand-soiled feathers... Featured Morricone's debut score, and Gino Paoli crooning "Sassi" to great effect. A minor masterpiece of its black-and-white day.

Bob W (us) wrote: Fairly ho-hum, longish drawn out first part of movie. But it really finds its wings during the bombing raid and the immediate aftermath. The bombing footage over Tokyo remains some of the best stuff I've seen even after 65 years since its release.

Joseph Q (de) wrote: From snippets to pictures, Irritu's thriller is gradually wrapped up together with a loose, but silky bow.