Inside Hana's Suitcase

Inside Hana's Suitcase

INSIDE HANA'S SUITCASE A Theatrical Documentary Synopsis "Inside Hana's Suitcase", is the poignant story of two young children who grew up in pre-WWII Czechoslovakia and the terrible events...

INSIDE HANA'S SUITCASE A Theatrical Documentary Synopsis "Inside Hana's Suitcase", is the poignant story of two young children who grew up in pre-WWII Czechoslovakia and the terrible events... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Renee L (mx) wrote: Frances Ha or Tiny Furniture featuring a German lad. Spoiler alert: the poor bastard finally gets his cup of coffee. Interesting.

Mad M (ca) wrote: Pretty good. Big action blockbuster. Entertaining.

Ali Akbar F (gb) wrote: Great! Movie though it was going to be clich but not at all PI is just an sweet and simple romantic Comdey. Chopra's character is irresistible she has it all the way and the Alisha song is unforgettable! Nice Catch from Hansraj who's last film was a pretty disaster this one is surely going to keep you entertained!

Adam R (fr) wrote: Disney disappoints here. What we have is a live-action movie that features the Inspector Gadget character from the animated series or at least it is supposed to. However, this is definitely a very loose adaptation from what I remember from when I watched the cartoon as a kid. Unfortunately, there are more glaring problems than that. The movie is ridiculously silly in a stupid way. The acting is atrocious and the plot is weak. This movie should have been a lot better. (First viewing - Summer 1999 in theaters)

Jason J (kr) wrote: This movie seems to have many of the necessary ingredients to become a genuine cult classic, but the execution is uninspired and the movie is not nearly as much schlocky fun as it could have been. The main problem is the pacing, which is, in a word, deadening: there are long stretches of nothing happening. In a movie like this, the no.1 thing you want to see is "Rowdy" Roddy Piper and Sandahl Bergman kick a lot of mutant frog arse. They do, but to a much lesser degree than you might expect (even after Piper enters a room holding two shotguns and yells "Eat lead, froggies!"). It doesn't help that large portions of the film seem to have been filmed in a small, dusty warehouse. Piper is likeable enough in the lead role. I think you'll have to be seriously drunk to really enjoy this flick.

Terri H (kr) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested.

Ian R (au) wrote: Lancaster, Douglas & March, oh my! With stellar top-billers, a solid supporting cast, and a very accomplished director (John Frankenheimer) well versed in delivering on-screen suspense, this terse, tense thriller has always been a quiet favourite of mine. Viewing it again reminded me if how war, however ugly and horrific it may be, creates scenarios tailor made to craft fictional tension. Made around the height of concern about the implications of the arms race the Cold War had produced, and made in the same year (1964) as two other excellent movie mediations on the same theme, Kubrick's "Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb" and Lumet's "Failsafe", it helps to highlight the difference between films of the last quarter century and those of eras that preceded them, namely that one doesn't have to resort to slam-bam visual effects & the actual depiction of the horror in question to achieve a chilling effect. Well worth repeated viewings for no other reason, the renewed poignancy of the topic aside, than to catch some very fine actors under the tutelage of a director such as Frankenheimer with his long history of delivering the goods.

Joe S (es) wrote: Adding this one to my list of strangest movies ever. A violently disturbing intro (1934!!) and a bizarre conclusion bookend this appropriately named flick. First team-up of Powell and Loy. Their chemistry is undeniable, but this isn't even close to the Thin Man series. Gable's devotion to pal Powell (and vice-versa) is downright odd. Film was a box office smash and won an Oscar for Best Story. Hmm...maybe the fact that MGM promoted that John Dillinger was gunned down moments after seeing the movie had something to do with that. Oh, and I think this might have inspired the plot for Johnny Dangerously.

Andr D (br) wrote: La segunda parte de la saga del detective Alex Cross (la primera parte es "Kiss The Girls") es otra cinta mediocre que no le hace justicia al personaje. Es una lastima que el detective Alex Cross (interpretado por el gran Morgan Freeman) se desperdicie de esta manera con un guin soso y una direccin sin identidad.

Kyle B (gb) wrote: David Tennant is a fine Hamlet (although, like most actors who take on the role, a little too old), but Sir Patrick Stewart knocks it out of the park as both Claudius and the Ghost.

Robert S (de) wrote: A goofy movie and a fun watch.

Ryan A (nl) wrote: This movie is an terrible. But it could a long more interesting.