Insight of Evil

Insight of Evil

Teenagers go to party at summer cottage and are killed off by vengeful soul.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:82 minutes
  • Release:2004
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:rape,   ghost,   revenge,  

Teenagers go to party at summer cottage and are killed off by vengeful soul. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Insight of Evil torrent reviews

Donavon C (es) wrote: Slow but good action.

Eric B (gb) wrote: Powerful and leaving one with questions instead of answers. The filmmaking quality is secondary to the story, the performance of Nashif as Said is understated, a man resigned to his fate. Well done.

Tara H (br) wrote: Absolutely fantastic. Brilliantly acted. Hilarious. Magnificent.

Paul A (ag) wrote: Un film poignant aux dialogues touchants et tres bien ecrits. Lorenzo Lamas est egalement au mieux de sa forme et nous offre un florilege de techniques de combat avant-gardistes qui raviront les amateurs d'arts martiaux.

Paul Z (es) wrote: With careful cinematography and character-driven plotting, this pulpy crime drama offers typically likeable performance from the great Jeff Bridges, meditative subtext by the great Oliver Stone and deliberate showcasing by the great Hal Ashby. And one of the great Andy Garcia one-on-one scenes in the movies. You know, the scene where the other guy preys on his short fuse. Except Bridges finds him to be no easy quarry. What's wrong with being a conventional cop flick if you're done effectively by talented people?

Chad E (de) wrote: Originally an ABC movie-of-the-week, this effectively eerie tale of psychological suspense features Anthony Perkins as Allan Colleigh, a young man who's psychosomatically blinded by the sight of his father burning to death in the family house. After spending eight months in a mental institution, Allan returns home to live with his embittered sister Katherine, scarred as a result of the fire. Shortly after his arrival, Allan learns that Katherine intends to rent out one of the rooms, a decision that will have some rather troublesome consequences. Tormented by beckoning midnight voices and sinister hands reaching for him in the shadows, Allan becomes convinced that the mysterious new lodger wants to do him harm, but Katherine has a very difficult time buying into her brother's rantings. Is our hero truly being menaced, or is he merely the victim of his own imagination? This vigorous Curtis Harrington chiller draws inspiration from PSYCHO, WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE?, and HUSH...HUSH, SWEET CHARLOTTE in equal measure. The result is simply too derivative to be considered a classic, but its blend of campy thrills and surreal shocks help to make it a great deal of fun. The teleplay by Henry Farrell (author of the BABY JANE novel and co-screenwriter of CHARLOTTE) hinges upon a "surprise" denouement that most modern viewers will be able to figure out quite some time before it arrives. Nonetheless, Farrell's storyline offers just enough plot contortions and juicy dialogue to keep things at an entertaining level. The film is primarily a vehicle for the wonderfully quirky talents of Anthony Perkins, who certainly succeeds in making Allan a memorable addition to his gallery of edgy and disturbed heroes. Although it's chiefly Anthony's show, that of course doesn't prevent the remarkable Julie Harris from delivering an admirable supporting turn as the put-upon Katherine, who struggles to maintain her cool in the face of Allan's increasingly neurotic behavior. Perkins supplies most of the hysterics, but the finale gives Miss Harris an opportunity to raise a little hell herself and she does so with tremendous relish; it's a brief moment that you won't easily forget. Joan Hackett, a fine actress who never quite achieved the level of popularity that she should have, makes a welcome appearance as their concerned neighbor. The picture also benefits considerably from the skillful direction of Curtis Harrington. Much of the story's action takes place within the confines of the Colleigh house, but Harrington utilizes the virtually single setting to excellent effect, creating a claustrophobic atmosphere that smothers the audience with dread.

William B (es) wrote: To enjoy this movie I think you need the following:1. A vagina2. A lobotomy 3. A Menopausal hot flush Terrible, how do you make a movie about conception without boob???

Yannick D (ru) wrote: If you write everybody to be either a) just obscenely inept at basic communication or b) to be a paper-thin side character your movie will inevitably end up feeling like it's just stalling for time until the schmalz-fest finale. And it's a shame because Collins and Claflin show some good chemistry.

Callie M (au) wrote: Had to turn 8t off 40 minutes in because it was making me cringe, and not in a good way. Painfully unfunny.