Inspektor Barbarotti - Mensch ohne Hund

Inspektor Barbarotti - Mensch ohne Hund

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Inspektor Barbarotti - Mensch ohne Hund torrent reviews

Serena H (ag) wrote: Hitmen and railroad expansion in Arizona just about sums up the premise for this movie. I last saw Bruce Boxleitner in the Babylon 5 tv series and the character he plays in Aces 'N Eights is of similar flavor. A guy with a dark history that hardly anyone knows about, has a hot woman to chase after, wants to do something right because he can, .. ahh well, this movie was watchable. If you can catch it online, that's probably better than renting or buying the dvd.

Adam M (gb) wrote: Fun, b-movie style horror comedy. This starts with us finding out about a drug used in the army to bring them back to life after they've been killed(or something like that!) in order to make the US Army unstoppable but when some of the tester zomies escape all hell, obviously, breaks loose and its to a dodgy underground strip club where the shit really goes down. This is one of those films where everyone involved is well aware that they aren't making some oscar worthy epic melodrama and this gives the film a fun feel throughout. Robert Englund in particular being brilliant as the stip clubs boss. Throw in a bunch of hot women, including former porn queen Jenna Jameson, becoming zombies, a pretty cool soundtrack and the film getting more ridiculous, and gory, as it goes along, Zombie Strippers does exactly what you'd expect from a film called Zombie Strippers!

Steven C (au) wrote: Chilling documentary on the reality of the tragic social issues of Brazil.

Dylan C (ru) wrote: Mean-spirited horror/alien invasion flick is almost impressive in how it manages to maintain its depressing, sadist tone for extended periods of time. Some nifty special effects here and there but director Harry Bromely Davenport sucks out all the entertainment that belongs in these alien invasion films, and replaces it with disgusting sequences (one example: an extended scene where a woman gives birth to a fully grown man). All this and some truly lack-luster performances make this film one depressing trip, don't say I didn't warn you.

Do you even Jay C (nl) wrote: *THE OFFICIAL BETTER THAN JUNO SEAL*When one thinks of the horror genre, one of the frontrunners of pulpy horror films is Dario Argento. Argento, in a way, reinvented the way horror is approached. Gore is in excess in some of his films. His two greatest achievements, Profondo Rosso (Deep Red) and Suspiria, had took the horror genre by storm. And even though he was famous for his giallo films, he took a break after creating Deep Red. Focusing much more on supernatural horror with Suspiria and Inferno, many feared he had lost his way. Then, he came back to the giallo genre and released Tenebre, which is a cult classic.Novelist Peter Neal heads to Rome in order to promote his new book, Tenebre. All is sound until someone is murdered. And when the killer is revealed to be an obsessed fan of Neal, Inspector Germani looks for Neal's help in tracking down the killer. The case then devolves into the surreal and brutal when more murders pop up and Neal's life is threatened. I can say that the basic premise is familiar, but Argento adds some great mystery to the film that helps keep you hooked.First, I would like to start off with what I liked about this film. The music is easily the best part of this film. Electric, fast paced, and strangely haunting, it sets the film up really nicely. The gore effects are top notch as well. There is a moment when a character's arm is chopped off, and I couldn't help but be amazed by the effects done. It goes to show that practical effects are much more outstanding than CGI. Another thing I must note, is the cinematography. Yes, it's very abstract, with many strange camera jerks and a unique reliance on tracking shots and moving cameras. I read up on how they preformed this one scene involving the use of a crane to capture the entire home in one take, and I must say that they did a fine job of that. And finally, the part I'm sure most folks wanted, the kills are awesome. It was Argento's goriest film at the time, and I can see why. Blood gushes, throats are slit, and it's just awesome!Now, while Tenebre's technical standings are on point, the film's narrative collapses. The plot was highly engaging and I found myself to be lost in the mystery and predicting the killer. And, without spoiling the twist, I was wrong, but it was the most illogical thing to happen. It denoted things that happened earlier in the film, and didn't really make sense. And the narrative wasn't the only fault. The acting left much to be desired. All the women actresses (this is ironic since the film has a sort of feminist agenda to it) were all godawful. The men weren't good, either. BUT John Saxon came in as Neal's publicist and he stole the show in every scene. Unfortunately, he was the only bright spot in terms of acting.Overall, Tenebre is not an awful film. In fact, I liked it more than Suspiria, which is shocking cause Suspiria is supposed to be Argento's classic. However, Tenebre is no match to Profondo Rosso, in terms of narrative structure or style. The gore is relentless, and the acting is atrocious, save for Saxon. The plot twist was nowhere near as brilliant as Profondo Rosso's and actually ruined the film. Yeah, the ending went extremely cheesy, campy, and downright silly. However, I'm willing to be more lenient cause it did it's job to perfection!6/10

Nicki M (es) wrote: I watched half an hour and couldn't take any more. That old time style of talking really grates on me and is part of the reason I don't enjoy period films. This isn't even a period piece despite its retro look. Quite disappointed. I like Greta Gerwig generally, and this looked like it would have potential. Nope.

Terry W (us) wrote: ha ha ha ha this movie is so funny I am laughing without watching it

Jocey D (nl) wrote: Lighthearted chick flick. Good for a Sunday afternoon escape.

Kashfia F (br) wrote: Rarely you see such crap from such great actors :-O

Joshua F (it) wrote: Crocodile Dundee meets the Texas Chainsaw Massacre